AMD or Advanced Micro Devices  is a semiconductor company located in California and founded in 1969. The company is a world leader in the production of CPUs, a central unit of data processing, software and workstations, today it is the third largest producer of graphics chips in the world.

But let's go step by step, in 1975 they produce the first RAM with the name of AMD, in 2000 they launch the first flash memories with the Athlon system and are the first to exceed the 1 GHz clock threshold, slightly surpassing another large company present. on the market to then come to the processing of cell phone and MP3 memories at 32 megabytes. This incredible company has managed to expand more and more in the field of technology.

AMD shares today

The company today has a turnover of 5 billion dollars and can boast about 9000 employees. In 2015 AMD and Fujitsu Microelectronics merged to create a company that deals with the assembly of electronic components.

In 2016, AMD entered into an agreement with a Chinese company Thatic that produces patents for electronic chips exclusively for the Chinese market for a total of approximately $ 295 million. Thanks to its investments, it has managed to consolidate its leadership worldwide, excelling with Intel, as regards the production of desktop PCs and thanks to the funds available to it.

Its precious investors allow the company itself to be able to invest in new technologies making sure that in their history they have many patents signed by AMD.

How to buy AMD shares

"How to start investing in this microprocessor multinational?"

Surely this is what you are wondering right now. Users all over the world are already earning according to the trend of the stock market. But let's see in more detail how to move in this environment that is still unknown to many.

These shares can be purchased either in the bank or through online broker let's find out as.

Normally we rely on the banking institution where we carry out all the operations, where they know us best and where we undoubtedly feel more at home, but they will really know us to the point of being able to understand what is the best move for us in the market world. financial? By relying on the bank you will find:

  • Higher fees (between 15-35 euros), current account management fees, taxes and product stamps.
  • Very long times to be able to give away your investment practices.
  • A consultant too busy to be able to devote time to your investments and to be able to answer all your doubts or perplexities.

Online trading brokers are platforms where you can buy bank shares or CFDs without any effort. All the companies listed on the stock exchange will be just a click away, the convenience is that you won't even have to go far to carry out the movements, just use your smartphone or your PC. The best one on the market right now is Libertex.

How to create an account with Libertex

Libertex is a reliable online broker. Unlike the latter, it is highly appreciated especially by beginners because it offers a platform that is as suitable for them as it is for professionals. The latter are generally attracted by the advanced trading tools offered and the numerous assets available for trading.

Curious to find out how it works? Start by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Access the broker's web page and sign up by filling in the registration form on the homepage.Buying AMD Stocks - The Best Way to Earn Passive Income Online! - Libertex Create a 1024x530 account
  2. Now you can finance your new trading account, using one of the many accepted payment methods, such as credit cards and bank transfers.Buying AMD Stocks - The Best Way to Earn Passive Income Online! - Libertex Deposit 1024x490
  3. At this point everything is ready to start trading with real money. In this regard, we remind you to verify your identity within 30 days of registration to make withdrawals of your profits.Buying AMD Stocks - The Best Way to Earn Passive Income Online! - Libertex trading 1024x568

Libertex offers you the ability to track your orders even while on the go. To do this, you don't need to download any applications on your Android or iOS device. In fact, all you have to do is connect to the broker's website via a mobile browser. The site is optimized for tablet and mobile screens.

AMD stock forecast and what is the cost of the stock

The company is now up sharply, is already at + 0,90% and this means that its shares are being sold for $ 53 each. Given the importance that this company has in the sector in which it operates, the forecasts are entirely in favor as increases of up to $ 65 per share are expected.

For this there is a real rush to buy its shares. Think for a moment in June 1980, the shares were sold for only $ 3 each, going on in the years they never took off until 2017/2018 when they suddenly reached $ 20 each and then imagine who bought them too in the following years how much profit he could get from it.

However, we are always talking about a company that is the first in the world in the manufacture of processors. However, we must always keep an eye on the volatility values ​​which are often very high, and the levels of the stock exchange for but the greatest possible profit.

Buy AMD shares reviews

Buying AMD shares is easy if you can keep an eye on competing companies and can perform a market analysis based on what the company is selling.

It must be said that if you are able to follow the trend of the stock exchange, you will also be able to understand which advantages to derive from it and thus obtain the greatest gain. We cannot deny that it is a constantly evolving and growing company that is adapting to the continuous advancement of technologies, managing to keep pace with all this technological development and even surpassing its competitors with great ease. All these premises make it a safe investment in the years to come, users all over the world recommend it as it is a company that gets involved.

The opinions of traders on Libertex speak precisely of the fact that the company is about to take off with the sale of shares, of course investing in the stock market is all based on market analysis so, if you can do it, why not try?


What else to add, this company knows its stuff, and that's why it has attracted the attention of countless shareholders, the strength that makes this company a leader in its sector is certainly the continuous desire to discover or test new technologies components useful for improving daily life.

If you don't know which online broker to choose, I have indicated one that has no rivals so why not choose the best to start this adventure in online trading? You will just have to start joining this world to immediately reap your rewards.