Huawei Technologies co. LTD is one of the best-known Chinese giants worldwide that produces, sells and installs electronic and electrical components for mobile telecommunications. Founded in 1987 by Red Zhengfei, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen China and appears to be one of the most powerful companies in the telecommunications sector along with the famous Samsung, Apple and the recent Xiaomi.

Initially the company was only involved in creating telephone exchanges but, thanks to the development of telecommunication technologies and networks, in 2004 it was able to advertise the creation of its first smartphone.

Since then, the Chinese giant has seen its yields grow year on year. If you too have always wanted to invest your capital in the shares of this great company, just read our guide and together we will find out how.

Huawei shares today

Over the years, Huawei has grown tremendously. Today it has turned into a real empire.

The Chinese company employs more than 200.000 employees, at least half of whom work in the field of research and development of technologies to ensure that the company is always up to date and offers its customers innovative and cutting-edge products. .

Today Huawei is known in more than 170 countries around the world thanks to the diffusion of its products and there are really many goals it has achieved. Just think that just a few years ago in 2018, the company overtook the American giant Apple to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Despite the great international success among users like all large companies, Huawei also faced several problems. The difficulties of the company for the development of 5G wireless networks and the numerous disputes arising with the United States government, which accused the company of violating certain cybersecurity rules, are well known by now.

Huawei promptly stated that its products pose no risk and that there is no concrete evidence of espionage but, despite its efforts, in 2019 it saw the possibility of working with American companies precluded due to sanctions imposed by the US government.

How to buy Huawei shares

What everyone is asking now is: "how can I invest in Huawei shares?".

The answer is very simple. As we have already specified, Huawei is a privately held Chinese company. In 2014, the company's management was asked to consider the idea of ​​debuting on the stock exchanges of the Asian financial market but this option was promptly discarded and, currently only employees who are based in China can become partners and invest in the company.

However, the possibility that the situation could evolve one day is not excluded, even if it remains unlikely that Huawei will be able to be listed on the United States stock exchange, given its difficult relations with the country.

The only solution for anyone interested in investing their capital in this company is to opt for the bond market. To proceed with the purchase of Huawei bonds, simply contact the now well-known online trading broker platforms that offer their users the possibility of purchasing bond CFDs and taking advantage of numerous advantages. Among the different proposals that you will encounter while browsing the web, we certainly recommend Libertex.

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Huawei shares forecast

Being a private company, Huawei is not obliged to submit documentation relating to its performance to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) but we can still analyze all its movements and the objectives achieved to date to make approximate forecasts.

Despite the great conflicts with the United States, the company has managed to remain at the top of the sector in which it operates, bypassing the other global technology giants. For example, 2018 was the turning point that led them to the top of the chart.

That year the company recorded total revenue of € 108 billion, up 20% from the previous year. The company also outperformed its competitors and became the number one smartphone manufacturer worldwide, recording sales of over 200 million and increasing its profits significantly by 25%.

If we report all the results that the company has obtained assuming a possible entry on the stock exchange, we can create a Huawei stock chart that would show a constant and constantly growing trend.

Buy Huawei shares opinions

Huawei offers increasingly cutting-edge and popular products around the world. If one day Huawei were to finally decide to start going public, there would be many points in favor to take into consideration:

  • Market. We cannot hide how important its presence in the world market is. Today the company occupies 15% of the market share of the telecommunications sector while, just 8 years ago, it had less than 4%.
  • Profitability. The company is constantly growing and its operating margin has doubled in recent years.
  • Technology. Its technology is spread all over the globe. The company has more than 500.000 base stations, more than 350 network function virtualization contracts, 3880 commercial contracts, and more than 30 commercial wireless cloud networks.
  • 5G. Its 5G technology has already been tested in numerous cities around the world and the performance achieved has far exceeded expectations and expected requirements.


Huawei has quickly become one of the largest and most important manufacturers of smartphones and electronic components in the world. Year after year, the company has grown more and more, surpassing even its biggest competitors such as Apple and Samsung.

Currently, as we have previously explained, the company is not yet listed on the stock exchange and the conflict situation with the American government makes everything even more difficult. The only solution to be able to invest in this important Chinese giant is the purchase of bond CFDs that you can find available on online trading broker platforms.

All you have to do is choose one of the numerous platforms offered on the web, invest your money and start your adventure in the world of the stock market. With the support of reliable platforms, you will be able to increase your investments, expand your stock portfolio and you will learn to easily orient yourself in the sector.