Category: ICO what they are and which to choose

Ico what it means: Initial Coin Offering. The other words are startups that have a project and want to finance themselves by creating their own virtual currency.

When we talk about ICO let's talk about tokens, not coins, as it is the initial phase, they can be bought and kept only on specifications that each ico establishes.

At the end of the ico phase, the project either goes on and proceeds with the issue and listing of the coin or nothing, we have lost everything.

There is no certainty either that the project will be carried out, or that the currency will be listed and issued

Recognize a good ico

  1. 1) to have an interesting project (forget about scripts for other projects)
  2. 2) to study the team (that is valid)
  3. 3) understand the capital to be reached and put it in proportion to the project and the quantity distributed to bidders.
  4. 4) find the registered office, search for information
  5. 5) Always remember that everything may not happen
  6. 6) Find out if there is a minimum purchase