An all-Italian brand was born in 1962, the National Authority for Electricity, which manages to bring together operators in the energy sector from all over the country. We did not know that a few years later enel shares would be one of the most sought after shares to buy.

In 1992 it became Enel Spa and thus became a joint stock company. A pioneer in the renewable energy sector, in fact it has installed the largest hydroelectric power plants, a wind farm and a photovoltaic power plant in its home state, this makes us understand that it is a constantly growing company. 

In 1999, after the transformation into a Spa, it entered the Milan Stock Exchange under the acronym of ENEL.MI, the Ministry of Economy and Finance holds 23,6% of the share capital. In 2008, Enel Green Power was founded precisely for the development of new renewable sources.

Did I make you want to join the Enel stock market? Here is some simple information that can give you a detailed picture of the pros and cons you might encounter.

Enel shares today

Enel shares - How to invest in the national electricity company - enel

Today Enel spa is the 73th company in the world by turnover with over 47 billion euros and a capitalization of around XNUMX billion euros making it one of the most attractive companies in the stock market.

It is also present with its 75000 employees in over 35 countries spread over 4 continents, thus ensuring excellent financial stability even in the presence of a national economic crisis and it is precisely for this reason that many people decide to invest in Enel financial shares, in how much since 2018 the shares are in continuous growth, starting from โ‚ฌ 5,23 up to the close this month at โ‚ฌ 6,99.

As of today, an upward curve is expected at new heights estimated at around โ‚ฌ 7,98. The most prominent people currently in the organization of this company are Maria Patrizia Grieco, president since 2014 and Francesco Starace, a nuclear engineer born in 1955, is the current CEO of this great company.

How to buy Enel shares

Now let's see how simple it is to buy Enel shares and you too can become part of this financial world like many other users who have already started earning in this way.

There are various ways to buy shares, the best known are the purchase in the bank or with a completely innovative method called online broker that can be managed in total freedom even from your smartphone and comfortably in your own home. Let's see them in detail:

Enel shares - How to invest in the national electricity company - enel stock
  • Banks are and will always be seen as the safest method, as being able to speak directly with a banking consultant has always had his reason, but talking to a consultant who perhaps does not know us enough or does not have enough time to dedicate to us can be counterproductive furthermore, the high commissions they charge to manage our investment can be a double-edged sword;
  • Let's now delve deeper into online brokers, i.e. intermediary platforms that give the opportunity to manage the trading of companies listed on the stock exchange and deal with online investments.

How to view Enel stock chart and invest


Now that I have shown you the basics, you can begin to invest in Enel in all respects and become part of this great community too.

Once you enter the libertex website you need to tune into the area MARKETS through your account, access the section ACTIONS later in UTILITY and search for Enel now. Through these simple steps you are on the homepage of Enel.MI, the all-Italian giant, here you will see all the news and information you will need as stock charts that explain the trend of the share price in a specific period of time and from these you will they can draw conclusions whether it is worth buying them or not.

But be careful with libertex you will be able to set parameters such as stop loss, to limit the loss, and take profit, which allows you to close in profit if the market decides to be in your favor, these life preservers can help you preserve and control your funds.

Enel stock forecast and what the cost of the shares is

Enel Spa is that brand that, seen from the outside, is automatically associated with Italy, in fact there is no need to say more when it comes to Enel it is about Italy, and almost all Italians have certainly invested in this great company at least once.

Enel shares are now sold for around โ‚ฌ 6,99, steadily increasing since 2018, reaching a peak of 7,17 with an increase of + 2,50%. This is thanks to the choice of eco-sustainability and to always investing in renewable sources. To illustrate, we are talking about a company that has 72 million customers around the world, which are reached by gas and electricity everywhere.

Even now, the largest shareholder of Enel remains the Ministry of Economy and Finance, as previously mentioned, it holds 23,6%, the second shareholder with the largest number of shares is USA BlackRock with 5%, hence then there are countless private shareholders or other large corporations.

Buy Enel Shares opinions

Enel shares - How to invest in the national electricity company - SHARES

The question we are all asking ourselves is: is it worth buying Enel shares today?

The answer is: of course yes! The stats seem to be on our side as growth curve stocks are about to take off. Right now my advice is to take advantage of it and grab the shares while they are still accessible so that in the future we can reap the rewards of these good decisions.

The future is certainly not certain and I'm not even talking about tomorrow, but given the direction this company is taking, which is going to enhance its greatest strength which are renewable resources, this will increase its value. actions and do you know what the consequence of this will be? Well of course your savings will increase exponentially.


We have come to the end of this guide, the continuous growth of this company makes it one of the most stable and attractive on the stock market, precisely for the enhancement of their Green side as living in this ever-growing world, making them complicit in safeguarding the planet, matters a lot.

Especially since they plan to cut CO2 emissions by almost 40% over the next few years. Enel spa is a company that makes us understand that the world is changing, but in particular their proximity and continuous research into always exploring new eco-sustainable sources makes it the future leader in renewable resources in the eyes of all.

For those who intend to purchase and begin this journey in the world of trading, I recommend using a clear, simple and intuitive online libertex trading system for everyone where profits can be increased if you follow these simple steps while limiting losses.