Saudi Arabian oli company or the so-called Saudi Aramco is one of the most important oil companies in the world, it has a production that exceeds 10 million barrels per day.

It has changed many names during its birth but in the 40's it took this name which is all now. But let's see when its story began, it was born in 1933 between an agreement with the Standard Oil of California and the Saudi government, which gives permission to do oil extraction.

They began with drilling only in 1935 without much success, finally in 1937 the oil began to gush and from there his reign began to expand in oil spots.

Fast forward with time and reaching more modern times we can say that Aramco is the most profitable company in the world with over 33 billion dollars registered from January to June 2017.

Aramco shares today

In 2019 he makes his debut in the world of bura, and we can say that he made a debut with all the trimmings. To date Aramco is based in Dhahran a city east of Saudi Arabia, which belongs to this huge company, the company is almost 90% owned by the Saudi state, the company's report is estimated at 2 trillion dollars.

It has 60000 employees working for the company and has an annual turnover of 110 billion dollars, these are all estimates as the company has never proved its reports, a turning point came a few years ago when they decided to join the IPO, finally Aramco has released its accounting reports, assuming that in 2028 they will increase their capital by 45% thus reaching a turnover of 355 billion dollars. Speaking of all these earnings of the company, didn't I make you want to join?

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Aramco stock forecast and what is the cost of the stock

Aramco years ago when he wanted to enter the IPO, he made his books public, and even the company itself said that in 2028 they expect decisive growth as a result we can only predict that this company will be one of the most publicly traded.

If we think that in 2019 when he made his entrance reaching the value of 1900 billion in a single day, selling the shares at a price of 9,35 dollars. Today the shares of Aramco are sold at 32,10 and we must also calculate that the world in this phase of lockdown has had limitations and these have reached the oil market, fortunately now that the world is exiting this phase the market is starting to move again and this is a point in favor of Aramco. However, we are talking about a company that has a turnover of 110 billion dollars.

Buy shares Aramco opinions

The opinions read on the web are many, many recommend it while others advise against it.The reason is that you must always keep an eye on the value of oil and the state bonds of Saudi Arabia, but users who manage to control these two solutions will be able to without problems profit from it.

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Of course the step they took to become part of the IPO was certainly a risky move, but the predictions don't lie are in their favor so why not try now that maybe with a small investment you don't end up with a capital three le. hands?


And here we are at the end of this guide. We have to admit that Aramco is the most important and powerful oil company in the world.

The oil market has always been the flagship for those who intend to invest, it is not possible to deny that it is a constantly expanding market, this makes it very attractive and profitable.

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