Born in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in the United States, Facebook is a social network based on a web 2.0 platform, available in more than 100 languages ​​and reaching over 2 billion active users. This confirms the number one social service in the world for the number of active users.

The origin of the name of Facebook comes from the idea of ​​a university list distributed at the beginning of the year by the institutes with photographs and names of the students, so that they can socialize with each other. In a short time it reaches enormous worldwide success, changing many aspects related to the socialization and interaction of people in a profound way, both on a commercial and economic level, and on a private one.

You can access Facebook through a free registration, by entering your personal data including your e-mail address. At the end of the registration you can start creating your profile, add other users as friends to your social network and start exchanging messages and receiving notifications whenever they update their profiles. In addition, people can create groups through which they can share common information and interests.

Many users use this platform to show their personal videos, thus giving life to a virtual community. Finally Facebook was also created for business, in fact it is used as a social marketing tool. If you also want to invest in Facebook shares, keep reading our article and we will analyze all aspects of this company together.

Facebook shares today Italian stock exchange

In 2008 the company announced its intention to establish an international office in Dublin, so as to be able to cover both the European and African markets, in fact shortly after opening one of its offices also in France, in Paris.

In 2010 the company was valued at 14 billion dollars, reaching 450 million dollars in a short time. The company subsequently bought Instagram for $ 1 billion and Whatsapp for $ 19 billion. In 2015, this large social network company announced its intention to connect the whole world through the use of drones. This ambitious project aims to reduce the digital divide between different areas around the globe.

In 2012, Facebook obtained a public IPO offer in which a price of $ 38 per share was negotiated, the highest debut ever recorded on a stock market. In 2017, the company exceeds a total market value of $ 500 billion.

Listed on the NASDAQ under the abbreviation FB, it is part of many stock market indices. Between 2018 and 2019, unfortunately, it recorded one of the most significant falls in its history, the sales estimates collapse on the stock market by 9,96%. Despite this last year's loss, this gigantic social company remains a leader in its field and has already given testimony of great potential.

How to buy Facebook shares

There are several ways to buy Facebook shares, i.e. to rely on a regulated broker online or through traditional banking institutions.

To be able to buy these shares through banking institutions, simply go to the bank and rely on the consultant at the counter, who will show you the shares most relevant to your needs. But now let's evaluate together the various disadvantages that can be encountered. By relying on the bank you will find:

  • Higher fees (between 15-35 euros), current account management fees, taxes and product stamps.
  • Very long times to be able to give away your investment practices.
  • A consultant too busy to be able to devote time to your investments and to be able to answer all your doubts or perplexities.

The most advantageous and innovative way is certainly to rely on a broker through online trading platforms, all performed in a controlled and regularized manner by CySEC. Surely among all the online platforms the most used and recommended is that of eToro.

What is eToro

Multinational social trading company offering an investment platform with a wide range of services. It has transformed the traditional wealth management industry with the aim of being able to open the financial markets to anyone.

It is the world's leading social trading network, with millions of satisfied registered users and a great variety of innovative and cutting-edge investment tools.

It makes trading easy to understand with very simple and intuitive graphic representations and with ultramodern tools that allow anyone and everywhere online trading for both beginners and experts.

Being able to navigate the complicated world of the stock market has never been easier, safer and cheaper thanks to this updated and clear platform.

The advantages of using eToro

eToro, this large IT platform allows a simple connection and allows its users to be able to operate in many financial markets, also targeting a less experienced clientele. It offers numerous advantages to its users:

  • Having two types of movement modes opens up to all groups of users, from the most experienced to the less experienced.
  • Copy Trading function, much appreciated because it allows you to reproduce and imitate more profitable investments made by the most experienced traders.
  • Social trading function, gives the opportunity to compare with expert traders, who can help you and give you advice in order to choose more effective and useful financial strategies to grow the capital you intend to invest.
  • Minimum deposit required to start investing for only 200 euros.
  • Speaking of commissions, those offered by this innovative platform are suitable for every type of need with prices much lower than other competitors on the market. Finally, eToro allows you to keep your position open on the market beyond the opening hours and on closing days, with the addition of a minimum commission.

How to buy Facebook shares on eToro

Buying Facebook stock is a decision made by many investors or aspirants. In order to obtain excellent results and avoid problems, it is good to study right away and choose a right broker, such as on eToro, also suitable for beginners or those who have never made any type of investment, allows you to buy shares easily. I will describe below the few simple steps you need to follow:


Buying Facebook shares - The best way to invest in Zuckerberg's company - etoro login

First you need to open an online account on the platform, you can access it directly from the home page and fill out a form with all the personal data requested. Then send the above form by e-mail to the address indicated with your valid identity document attached. From here you have 30 days to confirm your identity and complete the registration and thus activate your account.


Buying Facebook shares - The best way to invest in Zuckerberg's company - deposit etoro

Secondly, after activating your account, you will need to deposit the capital you want to invest (minimum required 200 euros) and choose the preferred payment method, including the most popular credit cards, bank transfer or electronic wallet, the best known is Pay Pal .

Demo version

Buying Facebook shares - The best way to invest in Zuckerberg's company - etoro demo

Especially aimed at less experienced people, it will follow step by step illustrating the best way to manage your investments, as well as elucidating you on the platform itself.

Live version

Buying Facebook shares - The best way to invest in Zuckerberg's company - facebook shares

Version open to everyone, more experienced or more fearless users who want to start investing right away.

How to view Facebook stock chart and invest on eToro

Once the actions reported on how to register and open an online current account have been completed, you simply have to start investing your capital, by accessing the financial markets, choose the goods and consumption option and identify the Facebook shares.

From here, all you have to do is access the home page of the online trading portal of the multinational in question, with the possibility of buying and selling CFDs, being able to examine stock charts and trends and check related statistics. Always remember to set your stop loss and your take profit in order to safeguard the funds you decide to use.

How to create an account with Libertex

By creating a free account on the Libertex broker's web page, you can trade Facebook shares with its user friendly platform equipped with advanced tools. Its software, which is particularly fast and safe in order execution, is well rated by professionals and is also used by many beginners.

You can start using this platform right away, all you need to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to the official Libertex web page and register by entering your information in the registration form.Buying Facebook shares - The best way to invest in Zuckerberg's company - Libertex Create a 1024x530 account
  2. After financing your account you can start trading. To do this, you can use credit cards or bank transfers as a method of payment.Buying Facebook Stocks - The Best Way to Invest in Zuckerberg's Company - Libertex Deposit 1024x490
  3. All you have to do is open your first trade! Remember, as this is a regulated broker, you will need to verify your identity in order to withdraw.Buying Facebook shares - The best way to invest in Zuckerberg's company - Libertex trading 1024x568

If you want to track your orders, open or close positions even while on the go, you can do so via your mobile device. Libertex is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. However, you will not have to download any application to do this, just log in to the broker's website via your mobile browser.

Facebook shares forecast and what is the cost of Facebook shares

As just described, Facebook shares immediately aroused considerable interest among investors. Let us remember the strong entry into the financial market by the group because when we talk about Facebook we are not referring only to a social network, but we are talking about a real ecosystem.

Despite the difficult times Facebook went through, it continues to maintain a leadership position among social networks, thanks also to the multiple acquisitions. At the stock market level, making predictions about this corporate giant is not that complicated, considering the fact that more and more users will use social networks for different purposes.

With the exception of the year 2018-2019, Facebook quotes have always been very positive and its expansion continues from all points of view. The use of social media in recent times has increased by 70% and this important growth will only have an excellent impact on the company's balance sheets in order to continue to grow the shares of Facebook.

Is buying Facebook stock a good investment? With the data we have it would seem so, considering that today the share price is around 20 dollars each.

Buy Facebook shares reviews

Facebook's shares are confirmed in recent years, among the most purchased by investors around the world. Its innovation and its constant growth obtained thanks to the important acquisitions made over time, has led to ever higher earnings for the company.

Since February 2019, the company's shares have increased by 32%, with a price of 162 dollars and therefore surpassed the 223 dollars in the beginning of 2020. The Facebook company has enormous competitive value compared to the competition in the market. When Facebook faces a potential competitor, it buys it to have no rivals.

It is true that it is an unethical and loyal movement, but it makes sure to make it the undisputed leader of social networks. In order to decide whether to buy the shares of the American giant, it is therefore necessary to carry out a technical and careful analysis, analyzing the historical trend of its stock chart; with these assumptions, we can only infer that Facebook is a solid company in continuous expansion and therefore definitely an excellent investment.


Having said that, one must draw one's own conclusions. Facebook is one of the most flourishing companies on the market, having already demonstrated winning choices and great achievements. We also evaluate that the market in which it operates is only at the beginning of its expansion, certainly much more can be done.

Finally, we take into account that Facebook is one of the best companies in the world to have a very high margin / profit ratio. By evaluating its history and its continuously growing stock trend, it is deduced that Facebook shares are an excellent long-term investment, you can therefore invest safely in this important American company using online trading platforms such as eToro, to maximize your profits and invest your capital.