10 reasons why it is still worth buying Bitcoins

10 reasons why Bitcoin is still worth buying: a small focus to test the times!

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Although the boom in Bitcoin prices seems to be behind us, the opportunities to be able to do good business with the cryptocurrency are certainly not over. Below, we wanted to summarize 10 main reasons why it may still be useful to buy Bitcoin for investment purposes.

It is reliable and scalable

Many cryptocurrencies came after BTC, but almost all of them faced security and reliability issues. However, BTC never had serious problems of this type, so much so that the last time its network was temporarily suspended was in 2013 (and at the time in a few hours the problem was resolved).

It has a "healthy" price

In 2017, BTC was worth nearly USD 20.000. However, a correction took place a few months later and the price dropped 70%. The cryptocurrency is currently prey in a cycle of spikes and dips, offering great buying opportunities.

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It is quick and cheap

One of the main improvements made to BTC is its speed of use. There are no third parties involved in the transaction, and in a short time and at extremely competitive costs it is therefore possible to transmit payments and money transfers.

It is widely accepted

In 2017, the use of BTC became quite conventional. Large investors have also started investing in this cryptocurrency, becoming the first virtual currency by capitalization and, above all, the easiest to recognize.

BTC will attract institutional money

Financial instruments based on BTC are still being worked on, but soon it is possible that they may meet the benefits of the regulatory framework of some main markets and, above all, the favor of the best known institutional investors, who could join the investment cycle by supporting the quotations of the currency and guiding its mass adoption.

The economy is unstable globally

The world has not fully recovered from the 2008 global financial crisis, and several problems that caused the economic collapse of the past decade continue to persist and have visible effects on the economy. For example, the weakness of national currencies is pushing people to invest their money in BTC and the more things get worse, the more people will be attracted to BTC.

BTCs are a "finite" quantity

There will be only 21 million Bitcoins in circulation and, so far, around 20% of BTC has not yet been mined. Given that there is a restriction on the production of other coins until 2040, it follows that the supply will be limited, and should contribute to raising the price.

A central authority cannot devalue BTC

BTC, like gold, will never be devalued. Therefore, the investment cannot lose value due to the decision of a central body.

It can guarantee better privacy

BTC is getting concrete improvements to ensure its privacy can be improved. A change that should make it attractive to those who love privacy.

It could grow much more

The BTC price has gone through several cycles. Although most people are unsure whether this bear market will last, it is quite clear that when it ends, the price may rise to new heights.

Guide on how to buy bitcoins

Bitcoins are bought, you just have to decide how, if with Visa, Mastercard or Bank Transfer