The first cryptocurrency bank in Padua

The first cryptocurrency bank in Padua. An interesting experiment to be able to widen the usability boundaries of Bitcoin.

The first cryptocurrency bank in Padua - crypt0307 1024x576

A Padova the first bank kicks off criptovalute. Which, in reality, is not even a real bank, as a sort of "academy" created by a technical expert and a programmer accountant (Gregory Lissandron and Davide Penello), in which to buy and sell bitcoins and other virtual currencies blockchain-based.

To explain the nature and characteristics of this initiative are the founders themselves, who from the pages of the Corriere della Sera recall how the goal is above all to do training, making available during the courses all the tools for the Informatic knowledge and financial that help to treat cryptocurrencies not as a sort of bet or superenalotto, but as a kind of investment that can generate true value.

Of course, in addition to training, you can also perform concrete operations, going to sell cryptocurrencies also for cash or through your current account, in a safe e legal.

Returning to the courses, Lissandron specifies how the project wishes to become a safe partner for all those who wish to approach this new opportunity, considering that in the shop you can get advice and buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, even for cash. "If a customer comes in with € 10, first we advise him to train in one of our courses, and then we guide him to this form of investment" - says the co-founder in the newspaper - "first the training must be done, and the face for everyone, because only information and advice are part of safety and a conscious investment ".

If you are interested, the first course on the program was successful yesterday afternoon, but others are on the program, always at the headquarters in via Savonarola 13, in Padua, with the Bitcoin and crypto store sign.