ALCEDO offers the true adoption of cryptocurrency in its purest form

In the midst of expanding the adoption of cryptocurrency, ALCEDO offers a complete and intuitive system.

While the downward trend of the market of cryptocurrency of 2018 slowly begins to show signs of easing, the foundations for new trends are being forged. Now entering its second decade, theblockchain ecosystem continues to mature and is manifesting itself in adopting increased cryptocurrencies.

There are currently several online platforms that allow people to buy cryptocurrencies with traditional fiat currency for daily use by bank transfer or card. However, since not all platforms support the same currencies, crypto or otherwise, these options often require multiple accounts. The disclosure of the personal data requested, as well as the difficult and cumbersome management of the different platforms, is long and inefficient.

The team ALCEDO offers a solution that solves these shortcomings in a simple and elegant wayis. The ALCEDO platform began development in 2016 as an easy-to-use platform for gold and cryptocurrency savings plans. Designed for individuals and ecosystems that have adopted or plan to adopt cryptocurrencies as a payment method, the ALCEDO platform provides fluid and transparent access to the most advanced global financial ecosystems.

A crucial element that is needed for cryptocurrency adoption is the convenience. In order for adoption to thrive, the end user cannot think that further effort is needed on his part to use cryptocurrencies instead of legal tender.
The days of juggling multiple encrypted portfolios and complicated platforms are over. ALCEDO allows users to facilitate both cash and cashless transactions. It is compatible with all major cryptocurrencies.

ALCEDO will provide a system designed for the next wave of cryptocurrency adoption

Without neglecting the present and its rich portfolio of relationships, the ALCEDO team has thought about the future; both in the medium and long term. To improve cryptocurrency adoption rates, a virtual and physical ecosystem has been designed. Whenever we see fewer bank branches, they close small branches and pass their huge listings to the central offices. This trend leads customers' physical access points to a more centralized system, if possible. These movements demonstrate an upcoming change.

To meet the obvious needs of a young blockchain market, several points support the ecosystem around ALCEDO token (ALCE). The abysmal difference between ATMs compatible with cryptocurrencies and those that are not compatible is patent; We can say that there is still no possible comparison. For this, a push was needed to install multiple ATMs compatible with cryptocurrencies (hereinafter K-ATM) and tokens; ALCEDO will invest a part of its capital in this, gradually installing K-ATM. It is advisable to consult the white paper for further details on the K-ATM machine installation plan.

In 2019, the trend is aimed at the functionality of wallets as a way to success

The goal of the core ALCEDO stands out at first sight. A very complete ecosystem around the customer, unified by physical and virtual supports. Hybridization in all senses, compatible with financial ecosystems and the user's daily life. In the project whitepaper, the team says:

"Our main goal is to serve our customers by setting the physical POINTS supported by our service experts and cryptographic machines."

To access the ALCEDO platform, all you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection. From there, the wallet offers a system of self-management for the exchange, the transfer and conversion of currencies. You can easily exchange cryptocurrencies with Fiat and vice versa. The integrated ATM system guarantees total freedom of exchange management in a safe environment.

The ALCEDO card - a bridge between the traditional world and Fintech crypto

In newly created ecosystems, the goal is often to supplant the traditional system, but this can be too ambitious in the short term. Therefore, the simplest solution to obtain an early foothold, for practicable use cases, is tointegrate the newly created cryptographic systems with the traditional one. By bridging the crypto and the traditional fintech, the debit card ALCEDO allows customers to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at ATM ATMs and ALCEDO POS terminals.

In addition to the standard use cases, the partnership of ALCEDO with ClickGem will offer an entire associated ecosystem to provide liquidity and other benefits. The cryptocurrency market is changing rapidly and the adoption opens up all the possibilities of using the case in the cryptic and traditional fintech world. For this reason, the ALCEDO card will offer a bridge between the two financial worlds; offering liquidity in both directions.

ClickGem will provide more users, more volume and more versatility in a hybrid environment

The ClickGem project represents an ecosystem that combines applications compatible with legal currencies and cryptocurrencies, making the ALCEDO options and use cases much more robust.

Your cover letter is the ClickGem payment gateway, which provides support to buyers with any fiduciary currency or cryptocurrency without friction. In this aspect, the partnership with the ALCEDO platform expands the capabilities of currency exchange and the use of its token.

ClickGem manages a platform to facilitate the purchasing process by integrating and supporting transactions between most of the main legal and cryptocurrency currencies. The process becomes very simple through the platform API and an ecosystem of connected apps.

ALCEDO access points demonstrate the progress of the crypto industry through physical P2P services

ALCEDO access points (ALCEDO points) are available with a franchise system, which will create jobs and allow greater and faster acceptance of the ecosystem. The first ALCEDO point was launched on 1st September 2018.
The ALCEDO core team guarantees that the ALCEDO points are managed by the best professionally trained and easily accessible consultants. License fees for a franchise can only be paid with ALCE token.

Providing use cases, a reliable and tangible place of information, demand and volume of operations of the ALCE token ... all these aspects form an ecosystem that differs from other cryptographic platform offerings, but it's the ALCEDO point that really sets it apart from other contenders.

Since users are already able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform, franchise owners can start operating completely independently of the ALCE token.

The sale of ALCE tokens offers benefits to early investors

The sale of ALCEDO tokens is already underway and taking place in three stages. Phase 1 was launched on December 1, 2018 and has almost reached its end. During this phase, participants will receive a 50% discount on all token purchases - € 0,20 per ALCE instead of € 0,40. The last day to purchase ALCE tokens during this phase is January 31, 2019.

The dates for the remaining two phases and the respective discounts are as follows:

Phase 2
• February 1 - March 31, 2019
€ 0,30 for ALCE
• 25% discount
Phase 3
• April 1 - May 31, 2019
€ 0,40 for ALCE
• Without discount

ALCE is an ERC-20 token with a total token reserve of 100 million ALCE. 40 million ALCE are intended for the sale of tokens and can be purchased using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or PayPal.
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