Apple looks with confidence to the world of cryptocurrencies

Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), is looking with interest and confidence at the world of cryptocurrency. According to Apple Pay vice president, Jennifer Baileycryptocurrencies, speaking at a private event in San Francisco "they are interesting" and "have long-term potential".

Bailey has not made it clear if Apple is actually capable of use cryptocurrencies, or if I'm thinking of creating my own cryptocurrency system, but basically nobody would be surprised if the company will launch its digital currency sooner or later, as Facebook is doing with its stablecoin Libra. However, Bailey's comments seem to strengthen this position, but it is obviously still too early to talk about this.

In the month of February Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), sent a note to Securities and Exchange Commission, in which he also had the opportunity to talk about some details on the interest of the Cupertino company towards blockchain technology. The document indicates that Apple would be involved in creating a draft usage of the blockchain for the RBA, the Responsible Business Alliance of the Responsible Minerals Initizative, and that he is working jointly with the RBA blockchain team.

Therefore, Apple and the world of cryptocurrency do not seem to be so far off as some of the top management silences in Cupertino would seem to suggest. We will see what actually happens in the coming months.