Apple doesn't think about creating its own cryptocurrency. Here's the reason.

Apple doesn't think about creating its own cryptocurrency. Here's the reason. - Apple Pay

There are several who expected sooner or later the issue of a cryptocurrency or stablecoin also by Apple, but it will not be so. As revealed by Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, defined his position in the field of digital currencies and stated that he does not believe it is wise for a group of people to arbitrarily create your own digital currency. 

In accordance to stated by Tim Cook: a currency should be managed by national entities, and I don't feel comfortable thinking that a group of people create a competitive currency for them. 

As can well be understood from this statement, the fear of Tim Cook, is a real distrust of digital currencies. For Cook, currencies should be in the hands of the countries, because only they are able to guarantee both a fair exchange and a validity course. 

This personal thought, however, would not be in line with what was announced several months ago during the WWDC event, where the CryptoKit was illustrated ie a tool that allows developers to create and operate through private and public digital currency keys. 

Of contrary opinion, to that of the CEO, in fact, it is just Jennifer Bailey i.e. the vice president of Apple Pay, who instead during an interview last month said that: we are currently keeping digital currencies under observation, and we think they can be interesting, we have great potential in the long term, but we are focused on what users really want today. 

The words of Jennifer Bailey so there is a willingness to satisfy the user, so if most customers wanted a digital currency from Apple, the company could actually evaluate the idea. 

So it may seem difficult to believe the words of the CEOFurthermore, it must be remembered that Apple is mainly a company dedicated to technology and computers, and that only later it opened to the smartphone sector. So it's not unusual for the company to suddenly change course. So could the CEO's statements be a way of misleading the public? Or its primary goal is to make its digital and card payment system a more alternative valid for traditional payment systems?