Here comes the new hardware wallet made by Chainlock

Here comes the new hardware wallet made by Chainlock - hardware wallet

The official website of Chailock has communicated that thanks to the partnership that began in November 2018 between the OeSD and YOUNIQX Identity, it has been able, after months of work, to lead to the creation of a new hardware wallet which looks a lot like a credit card, but which allows you to keep your cryptocurrencies. The hardware wallet has taken over the name of the Chainlock Card. 

This new hardware wallet made by Chainlock together with two other companies, it was also created in cooperation with Coinfinity which made the technology available for entropy available to the project, thus allowing the creation of totally secure private keys. 

Chainlock's card can be used through aapp for cryptocurrencies dedicated that will be available for all devices for both Android and iOS. This application will serve for the wallet management present on the card, however the application will not allow to save the private keys of the same in order to avoid the risk that these can then be suddenly stolen after a breach inside the user's terminal. 

The other company involved is the YOUNIQX Identity AG instead it has dealt with providing an electronic and completely safe solution in the field of digital data storage, the system created by the company is also used in electronic identity documents and in digital identification solutions such as My Indenty Check. 

Finally, the Coinfinity card can be purchased on the company's official website at a cost of 59,99 euros and you can choose to use the wallet, at least for the moment, only to store your own Bitcoins or Ether.