Beer Money launches its IEO in Latoken

Beer Money continues to meet its roadmap goals and now launches an IEO in Latoken.

Beer Money launches its IEO in Latoken - Portada beer token

What is BeerMoney?

Beer Money (which we discussed in this article on Beer Money) is the union of technology blockchain and the passion for cryptocurrencies, with the world of beer and the passion for craft beer. Undoubtedly a safe bet, since craft beer is one of the most requested drinks in a large number of countries and an expanding market in both total and total invoiced liters worldwide.

Beer money is a complete ecosystem, which orbits around the concept of craft beers. Then we will analyze everything that can be done with them.

 The Beer Money beer token

 The main element that unites the digital ecosystem is the appearance of Beer Token. A native token of the network NEM, one of the safest blockchains in the entire landscape cryptocurrency.

 The token features are:

 Blockchain: NEM
 • Number of tokens (mosaics): 400.000.000 of tokens, which will reduce their number with progressive destruction until they reach the final 80.000.000 digit of tokens.
 • Value: 0,05 USD per token.
 • Support for this value: craft beer.
More than a token ...

As we have said before, Beer Money is much more than just a token. First, it is the digital representation of a physical good. With what we can do, like sending a craft beer to a friend, just by sending a token to that person.

 When we say that there is physical support, we talk about how the price of the token evolves, because it will always be possible to exchange it for beer in Beer Money Pubs (Beer Money Pubs they are associated establishments that accept tokens of beer as a means of payment or that have craft beers to exchange with tokens).

 Furthermore, the beer token is a loyalty tool, since it owns Beer Money means that you have the right to take advantage of discounts and promotions exclusive in the associated establishments.

On the other hand, the creators of the ecosystem benefit from the release of the token because they collect funds to expand their business by building their own factory to produce their own craft beers.
There is more…

With its own team of developers and part of the funds raised in the seed and ICO phase, Beer Money has been able to develop its portfolio, with which to send mainly beer money, but which will also grow to allow more means of payment for the beer.

IEO in Latoken

 It is currently possible to buy tokens in the IEO (initial acronym of Initial Exchange Offer: the initial sale offer through the exchange) of the prestigious exchange LATOKEN
The price at which these tokens can be purchased is currently less than 0,05 USD guaranteed value guaranteed by the beer, so the investment can be considered safe.

 The IOO opening period in Latoken is limited. Token purchase will be available from 15 September through 16 October. It is expected that it will be made public in that market some time later.


 If you are looking for a relatively safe investment, or if you are simply a lover of craft beer ... Here you will find many options and possibilities.

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