Binance Donates $ 2,5 Million in Cryptocurrencies to UNICEF and Crypto Donations Soar

Binance donates $ 2,5 million in cryptocurrencies to UNICEF and crypto donations rise - 1602348984 girl with scaled unicef ​​packageLe donations to the Ukrainian government and charities to support the Ukrainian people keep coming. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has now extended to Day 12, with Russia calling on Ukraine to surrender.

The ongoing invasion has also seen governments around the world pledge funds to support the Ukrainian government.

Binance makes a cryptocurrency donation to UNICEF

On Sunday, UNICEF announced a cryptocurrency donation from Binance equivalent to $ 2,5 million to help Ukraine's children. According to the announcement, UNICEF will use the proceeds to "support the organization's life-saving work for children and their families in Ukraine and host countries."

According to UNICEF, 17 children have died and 30 have been injured since February 24, with the actual number likely to be higher. UNICEF also estimates that "half a million children have already fled from Ukraine to neighboring countries".

Binance CEO CZ said, “The pace at which this conflict is escalating has shocked the world. To think that a little over a week ago Ukrainian children laughed, played and went to school; now we hear about child victims, thousands forced to flee or take refuge; it's heartbreaking. We are grateful for our continued partnership with UNICEF, which with the support of the Binance community, provides emergency aid to help alleviate some of the suffering these children and their families are facing. "

The collaboration between Binance and UNICEF is extensive. Previously, Binance supported the COVID-19 (COVAX) vaccination effort and donated in response to the 2020 Beirut blast. The blast killed more than 200 people and injured more than 7.000.

In total, UNICEF is calling for $ 276 million for its Ukrainian efforts and another $ 73 million to help children in neighboring countries.

Binance donations are among many in support of Ukraine

Last week, Binance Charity donated $ 10 million to government organizations and NGOs to help refugees and children in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Binance has also established a Humanity First - Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund to support the Ukrainian people.

At the time of writing, the total funds raised amounted to 179,84 BTC, approximately $ 6,9 million. The fund aims to raise $ 19,99 million. Binance Charity accepts donations in BNB, BUSD, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

By Sunday, the total cryptocurrency donations to Ukraine exceeded $ 83,5 million. According to the report, UkraineDAO raised $ 13,38 million, with Come Back Alive raising $ 14,43 million.