Bitcoin, cryptocurrency leader also in 2019

Bitcoin, leading cryptocurrency also in 2019. New optimistic predictions on the future of the virtual currency.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency leader also in the 2019 - crypto investments

According to a recent report by AT Kearney, during the 2019 Bitcoin should consolidate its leadership in the markets of criptovaluta, in terms of market capitalization, or the absolute value of the value of its units.

According to the content of the report, "by the end of 2019 Bitcoin will recover almost two thirds of the market capitalization, while the altcoin will lose their luster due to the growing risk aversion among the crypto-value investors  (...) More generally, the financial regulators will soften their position towards the sector ".

The dossier also addresses the issue of the growing complexity of altcoins. "Our prediction that Bitcoin will regain its dominance is supported by the growing complexity of altcoins, also demonstrated by the" hashish war "that occurred in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem," explains Courtney Rickert McCaffrey, one of those responsible for the Global Business Policy Council of AT Kearney s. "Further hard forks and the continued lack of consensus among developers on a development path are conditions that will further widen the gap between Bitcoin as the most accessible and widely recognized cryptocurrency, and the altcoin community. "

This does not of course mean that all altcoins will disappear. “Some will survive and grow to be explosive businesses, with real products and substantial revenue. Altcoins will somehow follow the same pattern, ”says Steve Russo, Executive VP Eclypses. “Those who are extravagant and have no real value will vaporize, while real ones will not only survive, but will thrive over time. "

We recall how Bitcoin had a "horribilis" year in 2018, with the digital currency losing 73% of its value, dragging down the entire cryptocurrency market.