Bitcoin breaks through the $ 6.000: here are the analysts' forecasts

Recent times are proving particularly fortunate for the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Their prices rise and become one form of investment not negligible. Here are the real reasons behind the excellent performance of the listing of digital assets.

The incredible rise of Bitcoin

According to the estimates of the last hours, the BTC / USD trading would have recorded really higher than average earnings for Bitcoins that have settled in some Exchange, or exchange platforms, to over 6 thousand dollars.

This is one of the best results recorded in the 2009 and this result would feed the very positive forecasts of the analysts: in the last hours we talk about a real cryptocurrency boom.

This is not an isolated case because in addition to Bitcoin, the other cryptocurrencies have also reached truly unexpected levels of progress.

If on the exchange platform Bitfinex Bitcoin has reached the quota of 6 thousand dollars, on the other it travels a little below, reaching municipality i dollars 5800, level previously achieved only once in the 2018.

Analysts have not yet explained the reasons that led to this increase, but are ready to bet on the fact that Bitcoin will soon reach other important milestones.

Cryptocurrency market: excellent performance

The increases recorded by Bitcoin have certainly had a "towing" effect on other cryptocurrencies as well. For example, theEthereum has conquered a 6% increase, while the Bitcoin Cash has crossed the line of the 10%, jumping in a few hours from 272 dollars to 294.

The best performance was perhaps recorded by ABBC Coin which brought home a plus 26,53% followed by Cosmos which has stopped its share more 13,40%. Very well as well Bitcoin Gold e Aion who record more respectively 12,25% e 11,25%.

The rankings of the best rallies also close Litecoin ed EOS that instead record + 9 % e + 8%.

These increases have obviously brought with them a increase in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, which currently settles at around 186 billion dollars.

According to the data provided by Coinmarketcap the Bitcoin market capitalization alone represents 102 billions of dollars at the moment, making a leap forward in a few hours from the 97 of the period average.

Bitcoin Quote Forecast: Analyst Opinion

The latest events have obviously given a boost toanalyst optimism which provide a rosy future for cryptocurrencies and, in particular, for Bitcoins.

In the last few hours, Bitcoins have recorded another rise of 6,5% reaching an exchange a dollars 6.090. This circumstance has strengthened a common opinion among industry experts who, for some time now, have been speculating that $ 1 million will be achieved in less than seven years.

Excellent news for all those who invested in Bitcoins who in the first months of the year achieved a gain equal to + 50% of the initial investment sustained in 2018.