Bitfinex announces Leo Token

Even Bitfinex, the giant US Exchange, announces that it is trading its own cryptocurrency.

Like almost all the exchange Bitfinex, after opening its portal even to those who are not a great investor (previously it was possible to enter the market with a minimum of 10.000 dollars), decided to make its utility token, a currency of use with the name of Leo Token

What is Leo Token for?

The intent we all believe is to compete with Binance, which now offers various benefits for those who own BNB, indeed, the more they have, the greater the benefits.

For Leo Token we can foresee (not yet official data):

  • discount on fees using the LEO we hold
  • IEO privileged openings if we own a significant number of LEOs
  • Particularly profitable Airdrops based on their own LEOs

LEO will be listed on

The 28 may also up ZB Leo token will be listed, it is evident how support and consensus towards this token will gradually increase