BitMex Research: possible double spending from 1,3 million dollars for Bitcoin Cash

After there was thereBitcoin Cash hard fork on May 15th, this would have undergone a new organization of the blockchain which however has caused phenomena that are called double spending, which involved a total value amounting to more than 1,3 million dollars. To argue that there was this phenomenon is the research division of the BitMex derivatives exchange. 

The Bitcoin Cash problems detected by BitMex

According to when it was described in the report, the BCH update may have unintentionally caused 3 problems that led to double spending:  

1-An alleged bug that would have been exploited by a hacker after the hard fork occurred, which would have allowed him to transmit the transactions that optimally satisfied the validity conditions of his mempool even though they did not pass any consent checks.

2-Secondly the miner who tried to create blocks that contained these transactions could not do it, so much so that they continued to produce empty blocks. These empty blocks they would then unleash a sense of panic that they "might" have attempted to undermine the chain pre-fork with the original blocks, thus causing a consensus chainsplit. 

3 - Another problem may have been caused indirectly from the chainsplit. This in fact prevented the functioning of the system designed to be able to recover the funds that were accidentally sent to the SegWit addresses. Second BitMex Research, the malfunction of this system would have determined the two-block reorganization. 

According to the research carried out: about 3.392 BCH may have been successfully duplicated. However, at the moment the only victim of this double spending problem may have been only the initial "thief". 

For BitMex Research the three problems we have already mentioned allowed 25 transactions to be generated, not included in the organized chain, which would thus constitute a double expense.