Blockchain: the Malaysian e-commerce giant PUC Berhad collaborates with Wanchain

The solutions company blockchain, Wanchain, announced its collaboration with the Malaysian E-Commerce giant, PUC Berhad, aimed at introducing solutions Enterprise Blockchain.

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Enterprise Blockchain: Puc Berhad and Wanchain getting closer

PUC is a company renowned for the management of some initiatives in different sectors: Artificial Intelligence, new media, FinTech etc.

PUC is also known in Malaysia as the "brain" of Presto Mall, one of the country's most popular online markets.

PUC Berhad has started a strategic partnership with Wanchain to introduce blockchain solutions to all the activities of the e-commerce giant, ensuring to keep up with all the innovations in the sector.

This collaboration will allow the company to grow its business using blockchain technology.

This represents both PUC Berhad's commitment to exploit i advantages of the blockchain, and Wanchain's commitment to building blockchain solutions with great added value.

"A partnership with Wanchain will strengthen our position in the vertical blockchain as we try to integrate this innovative technology into various aspects of our business. We are looking forward to working together to bring further efficiencies, customer offerings and other benefits to the PUC ecosystem", points out Kenneth Hiew, Chief Commercial Officer of the PUC group.

Blockchain: the strategic partnership between Wanchain and PUC

This strategic partnership marks an important step forward for Wanchain and all blockchain technology.

PUC plans to integrate Wanchain's public blockchain and private chain solutions into a wide range of consumer-oriented products.

This is only the first of numerous collaborations between Wanchain and companies wishing to integrate blockchain into their activities and is significant not only for the organization itself, but for Blockchain technology worldwide.

Wanchain aims to become the ideal partner of choice for companies wishing to exploit advantages offered by the "block chain".

Among the initiatives that use Wanchain's private chain deserve mention:

1) Decentralized credit score,

2) Tokenization of loyalty points to be used in the PUC ecosystem,

3) Decentralized loans based on Wanchain's blockchain technology.

The release, by the end of the year, of Wanchain 4.0 will allow the cross-chain linking of private chains and consortia with public chains.

This will make possible the decentralized transfer of data from the private and consortium chains to public chains such as Wanchain and many others.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, Wanchain and PUC are committed to working together to explore the use of the blockchain for building a system of decentralized exchange and a Wallet.

"This is only the first of the many upcoming collaborations between Wanchain and traditional companies wishing to integrate blockchain into their activities and is significant not only for the organization of Wanchain, but for the greater adoption and use of blockchain worldwide. Wanchain aims to become the reference blockchain for companies that want to take advantage of the extraordinarily powerful advantages offered by the blockchain."

(Jack Lu, founder and CEO of Wanchain)