Here we go again: Kleiman pushes for a retrial of Wright on Nakamoto Bitcoin

Here we go again: Kleiman pushes for Wright retrial on Nakamoto Bitcoin - CSW Kleiman WhowouldwanttobeSatoshiIra Kleiman, recently rewarded with $ 100 million in his Bitcoin anti-climate lawsuit against Craig Wright, wants the Australian maverick back to court for a retrial.

He requested a retrial claiming that Wright did not follow a court order to exclude information about Ira and Dave Kleiman's relationship as brothers during his arguments before the Miami jury.

Ira filed his original lawsuit in February 2018, claiming that Wright got in and defrauded Dave for 1,1 million BTC ($ 48,2 billion with current quotations) plus the intellectual property related to the Bitcoin software.

The case was actually a "gotchya" attempt on Wright

Wright professes himself the creator of Bitcoin, but has never signed a transaction with Nakamoto's private keys in public.

Kleiman's logic is that if Wright is Nakamoto, he must have access to billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin his creator has mined.

And seeing as Ira's brother Dave allegedly helped Nakamoto create Bitcoin, it's only fitting that the Kleiman property sees some of that cryptocurrency.

A Miami judge ruled in Wright's favor last month on six of the seven counts filed by the Kleiman estate. This means that Wright does not have to split the Bitcoin which (more or less) he claims is his via the moniker Nakamoto.

Ira argued that Wright violated an oral agreement by cutting Dave out of the alleged stash of Bitcoin. Wright denied the allegations and argued that there was no partnership with Dave.

Most importantly, however, the jurors voted in favor of Kleiman on a conversion charge for the intellectual property transferred by W&K Info Defense Research LLC co-owned to Wright's wholly-owned entities.

That verdict awarded $ 100 million to Kleiman's assets, forcing Wright to pay the sum into the company that Dave and Wright would manage as partners, W&K Info Defense Research LLC.

Documents and false testimonies 

But in a courtroom trial in Miami last November, Ira and her attorneys did not discuss Ira's relationship with her late brother Dave.

This meant that the jurors were unaware of the couple's story as told by Ira and his lawyers.

Ira's recent request for a retrial explains that she was simply following the judge's explicit decision not to allow discussion of Ira and Dave's relationship.

Since Wright did not follow the judge's order not to discuss this matter, Ira believes he has the right to re-judge some claims against Wright.

Judge Bruce Reinhart previously stated that Wright "produced false documents" and "gave false testimony in my presence."

Reinhart also confirmed that Wright “took directly conflicting factual positions at various points during this controversy. The record is full of cases where [Wright] has offered conflicting sworn testimony before this court. "

As for who could be harmed if Wright loses a potential retrial, Wright's main financial backer is online game mogul Calvin Ayre, who also supports BSV's development via nChain.