Coinspace: full review. It is a scam?

CoinSpace is a free bitcoin wallet, independent and HD used for storing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

It is a Wallet intelligently designed that allows automatic synchronization between different devices.

It's an easy-to-access wallet for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and controlling your finances effectively!

Here is all you need to know about this cryptographic wallet.

Coinspace: complete review. It is a scam? - coinspace

Coinspace: features

The set of the features CoinSpace offers is really impressive.

CoinSpace allows archiving and transactions through Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Litecoin and Ethereum. This makes it Multi-tasking.

Thanks to encryption, Coinspace is secure and only users have access to their wallets. Transactions made through CoinSpace are private and confidential.

The portfolio is price quotation and can be easily downloaded with an Android smartphone, iPhone or a Windows device.

BIP32 is a unique feature introduced with CoinSpace that allows you to keep private keys safe.

The public key is used to send and receive Bitcoins.

Although the portfolio charges fees for transactions, use and installation of the Wallet are completely free. This makes it an economical and convenient wallet.

This is a feature that guarantees maximum security

Additional features of CoinSpace:

  • In just a few steps it is possible to convert cryptocurrencies into legal currencies
  • Transactions are private and secure and users have control over their funds
  • It is an open source portfolio with editable code
  • It is also easy to access and use
  • Geolocation is a function that is used to track users
  • Scanning the QR code is simple
  • The CoinSpace interface is easy to use and free from any complexity.

Coinspace: User interface

The user interface of Coinspace Wallet is intuitive e easy to use.

CoinSpace is a multi-platform wallet and portable supported and synchronized effectively on Android, iOS, Windows devices.

The CoinSpace interface is very attractive and boasts an elegant design and a mix of tones that make it even more appreciated.

The interface effectively promotes options for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and allows users to be monitored. Therefore, the CoinSpace interface is very convenient and interactive.

CoinSpace: is it safe?

In fact, CoinSpace is not the best option for making transactions. Compared to other Wallets, CoinSpace does not support the authentication process to 2 factors to verify transactions and prevent unauthorized access.

Encryption ensures that no other user can access your Wallet.

Furthermore, the funds that are transferred or received are private and no other person can see the transactions executed.

The exclusive cryptography BIP32 allows you to back up and protect your wallet.

To protect accounts from theft, CoinSpace has developed some advanced security options. Each time you receive funds on your CoinSpace wallet, the receipt address of the wallet is changed. This ensures security and prevents other users from tracking your account.

CoinSpace: what are the pros?

  • With this portfolio, users have complete control over their funds
  • The commissions are quite small
  • It offers transactions with multiple digital currencies and is compatible with different platforms
  • CoinSpace offers privacy and basic security
  • The new address generation becomes more secure with BIP32
  • QR codes are scanned quickly and easily
  • With just one touch, cryptocurrencies can be transformed into legal currencies.

CoinSpace: what are the cons?

  • Low security compared to other portfolios
  • It does not support the use of multiple signatures
  • Low reputation
  • Authentication to 2 factors is missing

CoinSpace: is it worth or is it a scam?

It is a decentralized portfolio e simple to use which offers many advanced features. The wallet is cheap, fast and convenient for regular use.

La CONSOB, with Resolution no. 19866 of the 01.02.2017, has suspended as a precautionary measure the advertising activity related to the public offer promoted by Coinspace Ltd. concerning "Cryptocurrency extraction packages".

The decision takes its cue from the information collected on the various promotional sites from which it emerges how the proposed "cryptocurrency extraction packages" seem to possess the characteristics of a financial product, sub-species of investment of a financial nature.

The investment of a financial nature requires the coexistence of:

(i) a use of capital;

(ii) a financial performance expectation;

(iii) the assumption of a risk connected with the use of capital.

CONSOB has noted the existence of well-founded suspicion concerning the performance of an advertising activity related to the public offering of financial products in violation of the TUF (Legislative Decree No. 58 of 24 February 1998) suspending the site activity.