Cryptocurrency Margin Trading Comparison 2022: Which Platform Offers the Best Leverage?

This week, PrimeXBT announced an increase in the maximum available leverage offered on Bitcoin and Ethereum-based trading pairs, making it one of the best margin conditions in cryptocurrencies. With recent news and traders concerned about what this means for their capital and potential profits, we are taking this opportunity to review the best margin conditions in the crypto space and compare them to recent updates from the award-winning trading platform.

The top three cryptocurrency margin trading platforms by maximum leverage

As PrimeXBT's recent update to 200x leverage on BTC and ETH trading instruments was the inspiration for this updated 2022 comparison, we decided to start there.

The list also includes leading cryptocurrency platforms Huobi Global and Phemex. Read on to see how these platforms stack up.


Maximum leverage: 200x

The company offers some of the most popular trading tools, from stock indices like the S&P 500, to commodities like oil, gold, cryptocurrencies and more. This comparison focuses on cryptocurrencies, which PrimeXBT now offers with a maximum leverage of 200x on both BTC and ETH pairs. However, other assets such as forex may have up to 1000x leverage required to extract the greatest possible profit from incremental price movements of currencies.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, PrimeXBT stands out as the platform that offers unprecedented leverage. With 200x leverage, a $ 100.000 position now requires only about $ 500 of starting capital. With significantly less capital at stake, traders, investors and cryptocurrency holders can get the most out of their money.

The extra available capital can be used to trade stock indices or any of the other markets offered, take advantage of income accounts or open a copy trading account via the Covesting module. The copy trading strategy accounts also received an increase to 100x (previously 50x) on the same BTC and ETH trading pairs.

Global Huobi

Maximum leverage: 200x

Huobi Global is another platform that offers traders maximum leverage of up to 200x on both BTC and ETH trading pairs. Huobi is perhaps the closest comparison to PrimeXBT based on margin requirements, but the similarities end there.

The offering on Huobi focuses solely on cryptocurrencies, with a variety of derivative types to choose from. There is also a spot trading market to give investors additional flexibility on their positions. However, there is a clear lack of access to traditional markets, nor are there any significant extras on the platform. The lack of copy trading and other key features places Huobi firmly in second place despite strong brand exposure.


Maximum leverage: 100x

Last but not least is Phemex, another higher margin trading platform that offers traders and investors a plethora of tools and resources to choose from. Phemex has a reputation for quality and safety and a strong presence in the community.

The point where Phemex starts to falter is in the fact that it only offers 50% of what the top two margin trading platforms do in terms of maximum leverage. 100x leverage is certainly the industry standard, but because there is so much competition in cryptocurrencies, the “standard” may not be enough for many experienced traders and investors.


Competition breeds excellence, and that's exactly what's happening in the cryptocurrency industry today. Choosing one of these best platforms will lead to a solid experience, but clearly, conditions on some platforms are more geared towards the profitability of the trader while others are geared towards the profitability of the platform. Choose wisely.