CoVEX: a single platform to complete the entire cryptographic life cycle

CoVEX is emerging as the most complete and easy to use platform for buying one criptovaluta and the use of all the modern services of trading.

CoVEX is not only popular for buying, selling, trading, but CoVEX aims to become a single encryption-exchange platform with maximum security of maintenance, easy to use and with reduced downtime.

CoVEX offers the first cryptocurrency exchange platform all in one that incorporates all the features you would like to see on an exchange platform.

CoVEX: a single platform to complete the entire cryptographic life cycle - covex trading

CoVEX: the multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange:

When we talk about a cryptocurrency exchange, all you can think of are the features like buying encryption and exchanging it. At least that's what we've been forced to believe. You will certainly be surprised after discovering that the CoVEX cryptocurrency exchange can do much more.

The CoVEX crypto exchange platform is the complete package. It is no secret that most cryptocurrency exchanges have been developed by enthusiasts with only a small portion of them who have the necessary technological maturity to keep cryptosides safe.

"CoVex Exchange is now available at the lowest rate on the most advanced system for buying and selling your favorite cryptocurrencies."

CoVEX exchange functions:

Suitable for everyone:

The cryptic exchange of CoVEX is suitable for everyone. From beginner to world-class merchants, this platform never fails to impress its audience. For a beginner, the CoVEX exchange will introduce a new feature called social trading that allows users to copy every transaction made by a famous trader on the platform. So, guarantee a winning trade every time.

Earn BTC, ETH, USDT and more

The platform also allows its users to earn more encryption simply by keeping the internal currency, ie the CoVEX currency in their wallet. Thus, simplifying the process of earning money. These profits they are calculated on the 50% commission of every transaction that takes place in the exchange and are evenly distributed based on the number of tokens that each user has at the time of distribution. That is, the more CoVEX tokens you have on your wallet, the more rewards you will receive in different tokens.

Discount on purchase and sale

CoVEX, the revolutionary cryptographic exchange has the perfect solution to save money by paying a share of trading. Nobody likes to pay the trading fees. However, we all have to pay for the convenience that an encryption exchange offers when we start trading. CoVEX has an in-house token called coin CoVEX that helps all users save on trading fees. If you hold an 1.000 CoVEX token or more, they offer you an 50% discount on the negotiation fee for your purchase and sale of any

CoVEX: a single platform to complete the entire cryptographic life cycle - 50 discount

CoVEX referral program

CoVEX offers you to get up to 15% commission for each successful referral. The invitation will receive the corresponding Presentation Bonus from the transaction fee, each time the invitee completes an order. So for a beginner, this is a gold mine full of opportunities.

CoVEX: a single platform to complete the entire cryptographic life cycle - referall bonus

"Our motto is better, faster, stronger and safer because the market needs an encrypted exchange that does not harm investors."

The CoVEX exchange will consist of a few platforms necessary to complete the life cycle of cryptocurrency investments. The platform will integrate various features such as trading margins, social trading, p2p loan, prepaid cards and a payment processor. It will offer its users everything they have always wanted, in the same place. So giving it an advantage on all existing trading platforms.

1 - Social Trading (copy trading): for a beginner or a trader who is not active in the crypto but wants to profit from the growth of cryptography, the CoVex exchange introduces a new feature called social trading that allows users to copy every trade that a known trader ago on the platform. So, a winning trade every time following the best CoVEX traders.
2 - Negotiation of margin: CoVEX greatly simplifies margin trading. Most of the commercial margin with the home, but CoVEX provides a platform where margin and margin lenders can satisfy. In the CoVEX platform, margin lenders can set the rates / ratio between financial leverage and return. They will establish the conditions on how the return and the risk can control.
Unlike traditional margin trading, where funds are liquidated as soon as they cross the margin line, CoVEX users receive a warning when the value of the funds approaches the margin line. Therefore, users have the opportunity to add more funds and have a longer position on the funds. So instead of losing everything at once, CoVEX offers its users the opportunity to make more profits and avoid unnecessary losses.

3 - P2P Loan: the CoVEX platform also implements a decentralized p2p loan service. This allows users around the world to receive loans in less time and also reduces the redemption fee, while protecting the creditor's interests.

Payment gateway and prepaid card: CoVEX is a cryptocurrency exchange all in one that supports all cryptocurrencies and also provides a gateway for cryptographic payments. In order to further propagate the blockchain technology, this platform will provide merchants with a cryptographic payment gateway service. Traders have the option to convert any payment received into fiat currency or they can also receive it in cryptocurrency.

The CoVEX prepaid card will provide users with a prepaid card that can be used in any offline store that accepts card payments.


The CoVEX trading platform essentially helps you meet all your trading needs. Being the only platform to provide so many different features, it will surely get the support it deserves. If you are looking for a new trading platform, now you have the perfect solution right in front of your eyes. Using the CoVEX exchange, you can access a myriad of powerful tools in one place. So simplifying your journey through the crypto space.

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