Cryptocurrency free, will be the trend of 2018

Cryptocurrency free, will be the trend of 2018. The free attribution of new cryptocurrency projects could become increasingly frequent.

Free cryptocurrencies, will be the trend of 2018 - crypto3533

- digital currency developers they are looking for a new marketing approach to encourage mass adoption of these assets. And the solution was soon found: "give in" for free cryptocurrency to people, so that they can become more familiar, starting from the possibility of free delivery of tokens to owners of existing coins, such as bitcoin o Ethereum.

"It's like people get free lottery tickets," he said Matthew Roszak, co-founder of the technology company Bloq.

As early as this month, owners of the neo cryptocurrency have been selected to receive another digital currency called Ontology, for free. The token is expected to provide holders with voting rights for a platform that focuses on identity verification and data services, and a few days ago Ontology would also have started negotiations with Binanceon.

Three other teams - including the developers of Everipedia, a site similar to Wikipedia, and a smart contract system called United Bitcoin - are planning free assignments, as revealed by Fundstrat Global Advisors.

But - given the growing price increases and the craze around cryptocurrency  - why should these new coins be given away?

The reasons, experts say, are numerous. In the first place, digital coin developers are known to be using this method to promote new projects instead of "spending money on billboards and T-shirts," Roszak said. Ontology will distribute 20 million coins, or about 10 percent of its tokens, to mole holders. Both coins were created by the Chinese company OnChain and, for each mole, investors could obtain 0,2 ontology tokens.

Secondly, it is a method to be able to stimulate the already growing interest in digital coins, the adoption of which obviously remains in the hands of a fraction of the population. "When you give something to someone for free, it will certainly pay a little more attention to the whole ecosystem" - he declared Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, a platform for digital token trading.

Finally, digital currency developers could thus have a good incentive to increase the price of an existing currency.