Cryptocurrencies, for 2018 experts will be bought by central banks

Cryptocurrencies, for 2018 experts will be bought by central banks: new forecasts for the short-term future of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies, for 2018 experts will be bought by central banks - trading7

According to what he says Eugene Etsebeth, former central banker of the South African Bank, 2018 will become the year in which the central banks of the G7 countries will start buying in large quantities criptovalute, in order to reinforce the structure of their foreign currency reserves.

With such a forecast, Etsebeth therefore it seems to confirm what we have already reported on our site a few weeks ago, when we remembered that according to a growing group of analysts cryptocurrency they could have alternated with gold as a safe haven. The ingot is in fact commonly and traditionally used as a means of protection against economic events, and thanks to its high liquidity (and not only) it is certainly an ideal asset for its diversification.

Not only. Considering that i Member countries of the G7 are highly interrelated, it is well known that each member country of this select club has foreign exchange reserves in their respective countries, in addition to gold reserve deposits. Currently, the G7 has as its purpose only the most appropriate regulation of cryptocurrencies, thus leaving aside - at least to date - their asset class potential also for its more direct purposes.

In the future, however, something could change. So if at least for the moment Bitcoin e Ethereum (but not only, think of Ripple) are not included in the list of instruments and currencies that central bankers have the opportunity to negotiate, 2018 could represent the turning point, thus allowing banking institutions to be able to start the inclusion of virtual currencies within its treasure chests.

But will it really be like this?