CRO listed on Bithumb Global

CRO, which you do not currently see on Marketcap because to be it needs to be listed on at least 2 exchanges, has reached its first Listing on Bithumb Global  

CRO and Bithumb Global

CRO is a usage coin for rewards, earns, prizes and much more on the platform.

This platform is currently one of our favorites because you can buy a very large list of cryptocurrencies both by bank transfer (eliminating costs) and by credit card (at affordable costs).

In addition, CRO is used as a reward for those who hold the main MCO token.

Now the important news is that CRO is listed, this means that they can also be freely exchanged on another platform, which at the moment can only be used on

CRO listing promotion

As usually happens, the exchange has prepared a small competition valid from 4 to 10 June:

  1. Users who complete KYC2 verification will be eligible to participate in this event.
  2. The total prize pool will consist of 200.000 CRO.
  3. Users with a cumulative net purchase of over 1.000 CROs during the event will receive 2% of the net purchase amount in CRO, with a maximum of 2.000 CROs per user. (The number of tokens issued will be rounded down to the unit digits, less than one is not counted)
    Net purchase amount = purchase-sale-withdrawal
  4. The token airdrop will be based on the net purchase value ranking and will be subject to availability.