Bitcoin Coinbase and Exchenge collapse offline

Bitcoin Coinbase and Exchenge collapse offline: let's analyze what happened on 29 November 2017 and try to understand why many exchanges went offline.

Bitcoin goes up to 9.500 euro

Around 16:00 we reached the maximum peak, it was a few hours that the virtual currency rose more and more.

Ben 9.500 euro for 1 btc, many users were curious, others instead moved to resell them and collect the added value derived from the price they bought.

In this scenario, you have to be fast if you want to earn: suppose you have 10 bitcoins bought for 1000 euros, if you sold for 9000 euros, I would have earned 80 thousand euros.

Bitcoin collapse 21 hours: 00 8.100 euro

It seems that a big investor sold a large bitcoin package, triggering the collapse that has invested small investors in a chain.

look at the chart

Bitcoin collapse Coinbase and offline Exchenge - bitcoin collapse what happened 1024x372

bitcoin collapse what happened

Coinbase and other non-functioning exchanges

already at 16:00 when we were on the rise, there were problems with the various exchanges, the problem increased in the evening, when many were panicked due to the collapse.

The problem was the inability to connect for :

  • Coinbase
  • Creak
  • Bitstamp

What we have to reflect on is that users, being unable to enter the portals, were unable to make the desired movements, losing (or not cashing in).

We say that this situation has also helped to stabilize the situation, if everyone were to sell, the collapse would have been greater.

Today on Coinbase (one of the best places to buy BTC, LTC and ETH) maintenance is planned, probably to implement hardware and connection resources.

We have to understand that the cryptocurrency phenomenon has grown too fast and even the big sites are adapting.


How will the market go? There are those who speak of Bubble, who do not, in the end there is only one truth

There are many investors and there are also many (non-professionals in the sector) which are sensitive to the slightest oscillation, amplifying the wave in positive and negative. There is currently so much money at stake that it cannot be a phenomenon to be underestimated.