Dogecoin explores offline transactions with Starlink

Dogecoin explores offline transactions with Starlink - 3f9fd896a9d2499b64be29101cb9e17bThe Dogecoin Foundation shared a preview of the RadioDoge project that could make Dogecoin offline transfers possible when combined with Starlink technology.

How this offline project works

The new communications network project is voluntarily run by two key Dogecoin Foundation developers who aim to bring a payment solution to 1,7 billion people without banking services, partially caused by a lack of internet connection.

As both project creators Timothy Stebbing and Michi Lumin explain, RadioDoge focuses on using HF / LoRaWAN radio technology combined with a Starlink global satellite network to enable Dogecoin transactions for people who are out of reach of traditional internet connection. .

The team has been exploring the technology for a few months now. They also successfully tested the Libdogecoin programming library to enable Dogecoin transactions and established the first "regional hub" in Colorado, needed to provide testing ground for RadioDoge. 

The creators of the project are reportedly planning to test the first Dogecoin transaction offline this week. Should the transfer take place between two objects 150 miles apart, it will also be broadcast via the Starlink satellite network.

“While there is still a long way to go, these are the first exciting steps towards realizing the goal of making Dogecoin an unstoppable financial vehicle, one that will allow financial freedom from power structures and provide a means of exchange for companies. future generations ”, say the creators of the RadioDoge project.

The Dogefather returns to the attack

DOGE lover and Starlink CEO Elon Musk, however, has not yet released any tweets or comments regarding the RadioDoge initiative. 

Earlier this month, his recent nearly $ 2,4 billion investment in Twitter stock was revealed. Prior to this Musk teased his 81 million followers with thoughts on creating a social media platform that could accept Dogecoin payments. Shortly thereafter he suggested DOGE payments to be considered for the Twitter Blue subscription service. 

On top of that, Elon Musk has offered to acquire all of Twitter's outstanding common stock for $ 54,20 per share. Twitter's board of directors is currently examining his proposal.

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