After the Big Tech, Disney and Uber arrive to raise the stock markets

After the Big Tech, Disney and Uber arrive to raise the stock markets - unnamedThe enhancement of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Facebook makes the present post-pandemic look brighter but, in fact, we are still on the way to the worst decline in over a decade.

The Big Tech

Le Apple shares Inc. AAPL, Inc. AMZN, Alphabet Inc. GOOGL, GOOG and Facebook Inc. FB generated a combined profit of $ 28,6 billion in the second quarter, crushing expectations of $ 19,1 billion for the quartet.

Despite this, corporate profits are expected to decline by 35,8% in the second quarter, taking into account the numbers and estimates already reported in the rest of the market. This would mark the worst earnings performance since the second quarter of 2009.

However, just a week ago, analysts were projecting a 42,4% drop in earnings, which would have been the worst result since the fourth quarter of 2008.

Live the flow

Netflix Inc. NFLX has shown that the pandemic has benefited online video providers, but for other Disney and Roku streaming players, the story is more complicated. From the revenue point of view, Disney + is still a small piece of the media empire.

As for Roku, however, the company benefits when people sign up for new streaming services through its platform, but it also generates revenue from advertising, which took a hit during the pandemic.

Return to travel

The numbers of Uber in this period will not be enough given the remote working trend, but it is not a surprise. Investors will look for signs of momentum during the quarter, especially in those places that have started to reopen their economies, as well as any indications if trends have started to freeze again when some states have scaled back their reopening plans.

According to the latest data, the numbers in the food delivery sector leave a glimmer of hope while the traditional passenger transport business is still standing. Companies such as Visa Inc. V and PayPal Holdings Inc. PYPL have indicated an increased demand for the purchase of products online.

After failing to conclude a deal to purchase GrubHub Inc. GRUB, Uber has agreed to purchase PostMates, but the key to Uber as it waits for the deal to be concluded will be to convert new Eats users into regular customers for the long term. radius.

Food for thought

Beyond Meat recently signed a series of new deals, but the company cannot escape the COVID-19 crisis. "The biggest risk for Beyond in the short term is his exposure of around 50% to restaurant channels," wrote Bernstein analyst Alexia Howard, who added that a recovery in the restaurant sector may take some time to materialize. because of restaurant restrictions.

It will also look for updates on Tuesday morning about the company's partnerships in China with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA and Starbucks Corp. SBUX. While those recent offers have driven a huge rally of Beyond Meat's shares, she wonders how much impact they will have on overall sales.