Is it late to enter the crypto?

Is it late to enter the crypto? Let's see the quotation - crypto quotation

As you already know, Bitcoin made a nice 10% today, breaking through the $ 11000 (seeedi bitcoin quotation in real time).

Many expected this moment, strengthened by the fact that $ 10000 is a psychological threshold and appreciated by those who carry out trading and technical analysis, who therefore shorted on bitcoin was certainly right, but let's see what happened to other crypto.

Quotation of today's cryptocurrencies

Let's take a look at what happened today, as often happens, when Bitcoin goes up the other coins also go up but not always in the same percentage way and above all not always the same coins.

The best quotes of the first 100 coins:

NEO : of which we have spoken in his 3 blockchain has a + 20%

Holo: registers a plus 15% but in total since the beginning of the year almost 70%

Ontology Iota and Ripple : a nice + 10%

The rest of the crypts record an average increase in 5%

Is it late to enter the crypto?

Now the big question, is it time to enter crypto or is it late and we will soon see a price retracement?

It is very difficult to say, technical analyzes are not always right on crypto, a market very difficult to analyze as it is young and very manipulated due to the low volumes compared to the normal bag.

Of course it must be said that such a significant increase should alert us, statistically after an increase of this kind there is always a sell to re-enter the earnings, unless it is the Bull Run like the one that happened in 2017 but on this few there They would bet.

No fear for the holders

This should not worry the holders, those who buy coins and keep them for a long time, cryptocurrencies are a young market, for those who believe in technology and wait for mass adoption, perhaps thanks to Libra, there is certainly time to wait and the prospects are very high.