Here is the best 2018 cryptocurrency according to Nigel Green (not Bitcoin ...)

Here is the best 2018 cryptocurrency according to Nigel Green (not Bitcoin ...). An expert tells us what could happen to the digital currency sector.

Here's which is the best cryptocurrency of 2018 according to Nigel Green (it's not Bitcoin ...) - eth 1024x576

Le cryptocurrency may have a bright future ahead of them, but investors would do well to pay close attention to the risks inherent in this sector. This is what, in a nutshell, he says Nigel Green, founder and CEO of DeVere Group - one of the largest independent financial services organizations in the world - after a recent show of strength in the markets of cryptocurrency.

Green, whose company has launched a recent cryptocurrency exchange app, deVere Crypto, states that most of the major digital currencies have made significant gains over the past few weeks, but caution still needs to be paid. "There are several key elements that fuel the recent price rally. Consider the adoption and integration by the major banks and other financial institutions of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology"- he said, before adding that the 20% of all financial companies, from hedge funds ai banking giants, are now considering the possibility of exchanging digital currencies.

"Another key reason for the rally is that there is a growing awareness of the need and demand of digital currencies. The upward trend is also triggered by regulation, which by now most experts believe is inevitable. This will offer investors even more protection and long-term confidence in the market "- added Green.

However, not all critpovalutes seem to have the same development prospects. For example, the CEO of deVere stated that, despite Bitcoin is always the leader in capitalization of the sector, is the price of Ethereum to be able to aim for the best results, even reaching the $ 2.500 by the end of the year.

Expressing itself in particularly positive terms on Ethereum, Green then concluded by claiming that there are at least three reasons that support this optimism towards ether. First of all, he notes, more and more platforms are using Ethereum as a means of negotiation. Secondly, the use of technology-based smart contracts blockchain of Ethereum is continuing to expand on multiple levels. Finally, the decentralization of the cloud computing.

"You can expect that Ethereum consolidates its position as the second most valuable and used cryptocurrency token in the world. The consistency of Ethereum will also be appreciated in the future. However, the market remains volatile, and it is necessary to pay attention and seek professional advice ”- Green commented.