Etana, Kraken's external cryptocurrency custody service, reports a breach of data security

Etana, the external cryptocurrency custody service for Kraken, reports a breach of data security - etana deposits 1024x576Etana Custody, a cryptocurrency custody provider for exchanges and traders, suffered a data security breach last weekend.

Etana said that the violation, which occurred on April 18, led to a person external to the company, not authorized to access the user interface of its customers. According to the company, customer funds have not been touched, but the intruder may have gotten hold of some personal customer information.

Client funds have remained intact, but beware of the stolen information

The notice on the page stated that: “The user interface of Etana Custody's customers has been violated by an unauthorized outside party. There is a possibility that certain information from Etana's customers was displayed during the breach.

No client assets or securities, including fiat or digital currencies, have been affected and no unauthorized withdrawals or transfers have been made. Etana's internal security systems have been activated, including internal protocols relating to customer transfer requests and the violation has been neutralized. "

Etana said that the types of personal information the attacker likely came into possession include "name, email address, physical address, and telephone number."

He added that "The violation did not result in the dissemination of government-issued driver's license numbers or identification numbers or passport numbers," the note added.

Kraken: the only exchange in the United States with external cryptocurrency custody service

Etana is a partner of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, as indicated on the exchange's website. Etana's services are used by Kraken to allow Investors to "finance their Kraken accounts with 5 major currencies USD, EUR, CAD, GBP and JPY".

Kraken is unique among the United States-based cryptocurrency exchanges in that it does not have its own cryptocurrency custody solution within its exchange platform, as happens, for example, for Coinbase and Gemini. Other foreign exchange services around the world, including the long-standing Bitstamp platform, also rely on third-party custodians.

The news of the data leakage came to the media thanks to a trader, who shared Etana's warning and stated that he had not been personally informed of further details by the exchange.

"I'm not sure why Kraken didn't contact me since the unique identifier that binds my account to them has been stolen," said the anonymous trader. "Our clients' funds are safe and we will communicate directly with our clients shortly," a Kraken spokesman told the media.