Exchange Binance: the guide in Italian

Among all the Exchange, Binance it is the best to buy cryptocurrencies in Italy and all over the world.

In 2017, ChangPeng Zhao he founded a company Beijie Technology, which currently has its headquarters in Hong Kong, and is the holding company that manages Binance Exchange.

With over 6 billion dollars of assets traded in an average period of 24 hours, each day is about 240.000 users who sign up for the portal.

Binance Exchange has been able to meet the needs of traders by launching its currency, the BNB Coin  (see BNB Coin listing) that you can buy and exchange not only on Binance but also at other exchanges.

The cryptocurrency leapt to the top top 30 of the world by market capitalization.

Let's find out in this guide in Italian what Binance Exchange is and how it works.

What is the Exchange Binance

Binance is a platform, a Exchange of criptovalute considered the best in the world for its simplicity, reliability and reputation.

Binance stands out from the other Exchange due to its solidity, the high offer made up of a significant number of cryptocurrencies that are exchanged on the portal, for the sound policy of managing the entrances to the site, for its possibility of switching between the basic interface and advanced and for the easy-to-use platform.

To date, millions of users have chosen Binance as trading platform for cryptocurrencies.

Since it does not allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from a credit card or bank transfer, it is necessary to hold Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin and other digital assets to be transferred to Binance Wallets.

Subsequently, it is possible to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, EOS, and all the others on Exchange Binance.

The solid structure of the Exchange rewards the quality of the service offered to users.

The team invests heavily on its infrastructure to ensure the best possible service for all traders.

What is Binance BNB

As I already told you in the introduction, theExchange of Binance has created its own cryptocurrency: the Binance Coin (BNB).

Recently this digital asset has attracted the attention of the Crypto Community, being the cryptocurrency of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Thanks to its uptrend and to its potential, the value of Binance Coin could be destined to grow more and more.

The current price of Binance Coin is 22,19 USD with 146.462.299 USD trading volume over the 24 hours. Its price is increasing by 0.0% in the last 24 hours.

The amount of coins in circulation is equal to 156 Millions, while the maximum offer is of 188 Millions. The most active market in the Binance Coin exchange is Binance (Source: BNB quotation)

To proceed with the purchase of Binance Coin (BNB) there are two ways to consider:

  • the purchase of BNB tokens in case you already had another cryptocurrency
  • the purchase of BNB tokens in the event that you do not have any cryptocurrencies.

In the first case, it is enough to exchange the currencies held with the BNB coins.

  • Step 1 - Create your account on Binance from Binance official website
  • Step 2 - Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Step 3 - Account verification
  • Step 4 - Deposit your coins on Binance
  • Step 5 - Make the exchange

Why buy BNB Coin? It facilitates the purchase of other cryptocurrencies and its price is really cheap.

It is possible to freely exchange the BNB digital currency on the Binance platform.

The BNB Coins are available on theExchange Binance and Ether Delta, both compliant with ERC20.

MyEtherWallet e Trezor Wallet are the best options available for storing BNB cryptocurrencies.

How to register at Binance

Here are the steps to follow to proceed with the registration on Binance Exchange.

Create an account on, click on the "Sign up"Located at the top right of the site and creates an account by registering as an individual.

Exchange Binance: the guide in Italian - registration on 1 binance

open the Binance account it is mandatory to fill in the required fields with your data and choose a secure password.

The validity of this operation is ascertained with a verification email which is notified to the email address entered during registration.

Once registration is complete, you can access the account by clicking on the "Login"Present at the top right of the site.

How to login to Binance

How to do the login on Binance Exchange? Quiet! It's very simple, follow these steps:

  • click and hold the circular white circle button with the three green bars you see inside,

Exchange Binance: the guide in Italian - how to login Binance Exchange

  • move the button with the mouse cursor to the right until the orange puzzle piece exactly matches the gray puzzle piece.

You are now ready to log in to your Binance account.

How to pour the crypto on Binance

Follow these simple steps:

  • log in to your Binance account, visit:
  • after successfully logging in to your account, click on 【Wallet】 - 【Deposit】 in the upper right corner
  • enter the cryptocurrency keyword or select the currency / token to deposit
  • copy the cryptocurrency deposit address and paste it into the corresponding section of the address on the platform where the withdrawal is made
  • when making the deposit, not only do you have to enter the correct deposit address, but also fill out the "Tag" section
  • after successfully completing the deposit on Binance, you can return to the home page and click on et Wallet】 - 【History of deposits and withdrawals】

How to pick up the crypto on Binance

withdraw the funds on the Exchange Binance it is simple and fast.

In the menu at the top right, click on the "Funds" and on the wording "Withdrawals".

Exchange Binance: the guide in Italian - download on binance

Choose from the available cryptocurrency alternatives that Binance makes available.

How to do Trading on Binance

Now that you know how to access your account you can transfer the funds to Binance to then buy the other cryptocurrencies.

Starts to trading on the Exchange Binance.

Remember to have deposited funds available.

Now you can proceed:

  • in the top left menu, select "Exchange"> "Basic" or "Advanced" to load the trading screen.

Exchange Binance: the guide in Italian - binance trading

  • On the right side of the screen, select what you want to trade.
  • For example, if you want to buy Bitcoins (BTC), you need to select the desired currency from the list you want to trade with.
  • Once you have chosen the desired currency, carefully check the column (on the left side) that shows both the prices that users are willing to get to sell and those that are willing to pay to buy.
  • If you want to place a purchase order use the box in the middle under the graphs, the green one on the right.
  • Enter the price you wish to purchase manually.
  • Once the order has been placed, you can always view it in the open orders section until the moment it is executed.

Limit, Market and Stop Limit Binance

Watch the video and find out how to run one stop-limit order.

Un limit order is an order placed in the order book with a specific limit price. You can choose the limit price. When you enter a limit order, the transaction is performed only if the market price reaches your limit price. You can use this order to buy at a lower price or to sell at a higher price than the current market price.

Un market order allows you to buy or sell quickly at the best current price. Market orders are executed instantly at the current market price and market taker fees are applied.

To understand what one is stop-limit order it is necessary to break it down into stop price e limit price. The first is the price that activates a limit order, while the limit price is the specific price of the activated limit order. Once you reach your stop price, the limit order is immediately entered into the order book.

What is the Binance Margin Trading

When you place an order, you need a certain amount of expense to open a position. It is known as "edge": This is an amount of money that is" frozen "while your position is open, and is returned once the order is closed.

Il margin trading o margin trading o leveraged trading allows each trader to get a large exposure to a market for a relatively small deposit.

If the trend is favorable, net returns will be amplified and, consequently, even net profits will be greater.

On the other side of the coin, if the market is not favorable, net returns will be negative and losses will be greater.

The Binance app for IOS and Android

Binance has its own smartphone application. THE'App of Binance is available for both iOS Binance that for Android Binance. Thanks to the application you can trade wherever you go.

What is Binance Jersey

Never heard of the independent entity Jersey Binance? This is a new one exchange fiat-to-crypto based in Jersey, which was launched a few months ago.

"Binance has chosen Jersey for its highly developed digital infrastructure, strong regulatory framework and world-class financial services sector”, Underlined the Chief Financial Officer of the Exchange, Wei Zhou.

Thanks to this new Exchange it is possible to exchange cryptocurrencies against sterling and euros.

This is why Binance Jersey targets European and UK traders.

If initially the trading pairs were 4, today they are 10:

  • BTC / EUR and BTC / GBP
  • ETH / EUR and ETH / GBP
  • LTC / EUR and LTC / GBP
  • BNB / EUR and BNB / GBP
  • BCH / EUR and BCH / GBP

For some time the news has been circulating that on Binance Jersey will be christened the stablecoin BGBP linked to the price of the British pound. The asset will be available for purchase on the platform against euro (EUR) and pound (GBP).

If you are familiar with Binance you will have no difficulty in starting to use Jersey. The interface is virtually identical.

Join Binance Jersey

To register for Binance Jersey official link , in referall (optional) you can put my referral 35082517

What is Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad is the division of the popular Exchange Binance dedicated to launch of new tokens.

Exchange Binance: the guide in Italian - binance launchpad 1024x477

As reported on Binance's blog"The token launching platform - Binance Launchpad - helps blockchain projects to raise funds and increase their reach through the crypto ecosystem. We do this by offering project tokens to more than 10 million users on Binance. With this platform, we give our users the opportunity to be part of potentially revolutionary projects".

Binance Launchpad is a complete project consulting service, which allows you to develop products and increase their adoption.

Before a project arrives on the Binance Launchpad platform, it must pass a review process.

I assessed factors I'm:

  • availability for large-scale adoption
  • potential to foster growth and development of the wider ecosystem
  • strong team.

Once a project passes this selection procedure, it is displayed on Binance Launchpad (

Lottery Ticket Binance Launchpad

To participate in the launch of the new cryptocurrencies previewed on the Lauchpad, it is necessary to have Tickets, entrance tickets, otherwise you cannot participate in the sessions.

To get a ticket you must have at least 50 BNB in holding at for at least the 30 days before launch.

Obviously it is not automatic to have the ticket, in addition to having in BNB hold, (you can buy BNB by bank transfer or credit card also on app for apple , app for android  entering the referall  v8tqhz5494 you will get $ 50 bonus if you put in staking 50 MCOs  ) you have to go to Launchpad in the crypto session and make the Claim for the ticket and then wait for the result.

Below the complete table 

Exchange Binance: the guide in Italian - lottery ticket

Fee Binance

Le negotiation fees amount to 0,1%.

The amount of the negotiation fees is determined based on the trading volume of the last 30 days (in BTC) and based on the amount of the balance in BNB.

For more info, consult here