Exchange cryptocurrencies, the most important traffic from the USA and Japan

- States United and the Japan are the two countries in the top positions in the ranking of major "contributors" to cryptocurrency exchange traffic.

According to what a research written by The block and published the 31 in May, the United States and Japan in fact represent the vast majority of web traffic that is directed to and from cryptocurrency exchanges. The study has in fact shown how the 24,5% of all traffic of the exchange originated in the United States, with Japan "satisfied" with a notable second place with 10% of total traffic. South Korea completes the podium with the third position, and a share of 6,5% of the total.

However, while the United States and the Japan may well consolidate the first places in the research, The Block reports that the data are actually rather "distorted" compared to some countries. There China, for example, whose population has expressed a strong desire to invest and trade with cryptocurrencies, could represent an even greater percentage than those reported above.

Given the crackdown by the Chinese government on investment in cryptocurrency, in fact, most Chinese users are operating through virtual private networks (VPN), which cannot be revealed on time from this analysis from the point of view of the origin of the user. For this reason, China could actually represent a greater percentage of users involved in cryptocurrency trading, but mistakenly attributed to other countries through VPNs.

It is also interesting to note how the data collected by The Block were able to determine a direct correlation between the gross domestic product per capita of a country and the number of users who contribute to traffic in cryptographic exchanges.

"The data shows us that the poorest countries do not perform operations in criptovaluta as the richest countries "- said the research, with The Block that ultimately states that cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon, even though the United States represents a quarter of all web traffic on the exchanges.

Again, the dossier reveals how the adoption of cryptocurrencies during the 2019 has been steadily increasing, even if few users are actually using bitcoin and altcoin for commercial transactions.

Moreover, despite the lack of high usability, the criptovaluta today it is in a much better position than the 2017, when the markets had reached an all-time high, before collapsing. The global currency that Facebook would like to launch, and the more confident movements of some large financial institutions, could soon give new impetus to this asset class.