Cryptocurrency mining and heating the house: the idea of ​​Quarnot

Cryptocurrency mining and heating the house: the idea of ​​Quarnot. A very special water heater, which will envy your friends.

Cryptocurrency mining and home heating: the idea of ​​Quarnot - qc 1 gold1

The French startup Quarnot recently launched a water heater that could potentially pay for itself. By taking advantage of the massive amounts of heat generated by the GPUs that are used while mining cryptocurrency, QC1 of Quarnot not only will it keep you warm during the winter months, but it could also earn you some extra money.

“The heat of the QC-1 is generated by the two graphics cards incorporated in the device and used to carry out the activities of mining di cryptocurrency o transactions blockchain: while it heats up, money is created "- reads the description of the product. “You can see in real time how the markets are going, on the mobile app and on LED QC-1"- he adds.

In reality, the QC1 it is a device with a modern look and a remarkable power - two AMD Radeon RX 580 - but it costs $ 3.600 in retail. This is a fairly large amount of money for what a water heater is, even if it can do cryptocurrency mining. However, this is all it can do, not having a hard drive or an operating system inside it. It is true that you can control it on your own smartphone but in return, you cannot take advantage of its hardware to play games or to check your email. In short, for that price you could perhaps buy a high-end PC with two quality cards inside and independently set the configuration for the extraction of cryptocurrency.

Having said that, in order to obtain results, it would be necessary to activate QC1 all day, every day, for five and a half years, with the mining of ethereum, before it can pay off. In short, not really the maximum convenience, at least for now.

However, it appears clear that using excess heat from the cryptocurrency mining to warm up your home is really an innovative idea: the "mining" activity generates an enormous amount of heat that until now had been substantially wasted.

Probably nobody will buy the French water heater en masse, but the idea can only be fascinating, considering that waste heat has always been a big problem for server farms and also for offices that use many desktop computers, and that in Fund is not a bad idea to put it on income ...