Fight Out: The best move-to-earn app on the market?

Fight Out: The best move-to-earn app on the market? - Fight Out reaches Image2Fight Out will soon be offering its application and move-to-earn project to its users. The popularity of this type of applications is growing, but Fight Out distinguishes itself from the competition by offering an original vision of fitness.

An original application focused on sports

Fight Out is a Move to Earn project that offers a very original approach to fitness and combat sports. Thanks to their regular engagement, users of the platform can be rewarded in cryptocurrencies. This not only keeps motivation high, but also pushes users to go further.

The project application will offer exercises and workouts tailored to its users. The proposals will then be personalized, taking into account the ease and difficulties of each individual.

At the end of each session, the user will receive REPS, the project's in-chain token. It is important to note that these tokens can also be purchased in exchange for FGHT, the native token of Fight Out. REPS can be used to purchase equipment, athletic apparel, and gym memberships.

A Move to Earn platform in the form of a game

What sets Fight Out apart from the competition is its “game to earn” aspect. It's not just about playing sports, but also about challenging other users to duels. This means that two users can bet REPS and compete against each other. The winner of the duel wins the game and can use the prize pool to purchase rewards.

An evolution of the NFT is also planned within the Fight Out application. The appearance of the NFT will change after each training session, making the token unique. It will be possible to customize the NFT through the application store. Users will then have an avatar, which will reinforce the "gamification" spirit of Fight Out. Fight Out is a superior alternative to STEPN thanks to several innovative components.

Fight Out offers a holistic approach to the sports industry

The Fight Out application's fitness plans will be powered by web3 technology. The project really wants to revolutionize the world of fitness thanks to the training plans of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Currently, Amanda Ribas, Tremayne Dortch, Savannah Marshall and Taila Santos have already joined the ranks of the Fight Out application. The participation of some industry superstars not only gives more credibility to the project, but also allows it to offer products of even higher quality.

As the project continues its presale, Fight Out has managed to raise over $5,1 million through its ICO. The closing of the ICO is scheduled for March 31, while the first quotation is scheduled for April 5.