, the link between experience and liquidity

The Geco One platform generates synergies between the active parts of the market

In the coming weeks a new trading platform for crypto resources will be launched. aims to be one of the complete platforms for the digital trading.

The competition is stiff, a technology sector that increases the benchmark by continuously presenting progress in a short time. Therefore, the trading platform presented by Geco One requires a special touch and first-rate features. A menu of next generation options it will allow you to trade within PAMM services, forward trading, leverage and long and short positions from a single platform; offering control, simplicity and diversity to the user.

In more detail, we can see that it has two types of user; Traders and investors (traders and investors) they will be part of an ecosystem of synergies that will facilitate the trade of inexperienced users through the experience of professionals. This is a bridge between trading experience in the markets and liquidity pending good advice or investment signals.

The platform allows you to invest safely in cryptocurrencies and in the token market using the skills and knowledge of expert operators. The innovative flagship service called PAMM trading account allows you to invest in cryptocurrency pairs or tokens by delivering your resources to veteran merchants and provides all the functions of the tools needed to become a cryptologist yourself.

How does the PID process work on the user side?

The platform offers dual option registration. Therefore, when users register, there are two types of users:
Merchant user, the first pillar to provide PAMM nexus. The users of merchant accounts are those who operate in a transparent manner and from which the monitored statistics are collected which reveal their success in negotiations and other statistics.

The investor user presents the other pillar of the user base. These are users who wish to invest in cryptocurrencies or tokens and lack the experience or time needed to study the markets and decide on the negotiations. Investor account users will be able to access operator statistics and trades. This platform function was called PAMM.

This leads users to use the tool for analyze the failure and success story of any operator commercial in a chosen period and in a specific period. Thus, investors maintain total monitoring of the options to be selected and their statistics.

In short, users can choose the account of the most successful trader or with the tendency to invest in the products they prefer; and promotes the option to finance their liquidity (the investor user) together with the merchant's operations. In addition, you can always stop your investment, whenever you have the will to liquidate the position.

Stop-loss integration in the platform that offers flexibility in operations

As previously reported, users registered as investors can rely on professional traders to execute trades using their funds. This would entail a considerable risk of a complicated counterparty to be countered without the possibility of nnegotiate with stop-loss. protects users by offering an integrated stop loss.
These are orders which allow users to buy or sell when the market reaches a specific price known as the "Stop Price". Such orders are traditionally used to protect profits, limit losses or otherwise initiate new orders. A standard method is to set the Stop Loss on a moving average. Generally, there is a variety of trends and debates on the process of using Stop Loss in a trend line. This Stop Loss can also be moved following the moving average.

As a result, users can exchange using their ideas with a complete ecosystem of tools. If we add this to the monitoring and historical records of the operators, the platform had to include investments with no time limits among its options; and so it is, a complete ecosystem with flexibility, together with the Stop-Limit and Stop-Loss orders, make a complete platform.

The third sales phase of the GEC token and two exchanges ready for launch

From the total supply of GEC tokens (250.000.000), we find that after the initial sale it will circulate an amount of 100.000.000 GEC.

In the third phase token sale, the data relating to the amount available for purchase, the bonuses and the dates included for the period are displayed.

From the beginning of July 10th (7: 00 UTC) until the same time as the 14 July, users who purchase tokens during the third sales session will enjoy a 3% referral bonus. For that period, the GEC tokens available are 3.000.000 for 0,00006 BTC.

Moreover, a few days ago, the big expansion LATOKEN announced the listing for the next dates.

The announcement started like this: (GEC) listed on LATOKEN soon!
Please wait for further announcements.

During the two previous sales phases, the available quantity was also 3.000.000 per period. The team has established the following distribution parameters on which the initial event is based.

• 80% of the supply destined for sales
• 15% for the founders
• 3% for consultants
• 2% for Bounty (first ecosystem prizes).

Users who wish to purchase tokens during the first half of July can count on the proven services of LATOKEN (as shown above) and Coineal exchanges. The following statement communicating the addition to its Launchpad was communicated from the Coineal website:
we are Glad to announce that a pre-sale for GEC (GECOIN) will take place on Coineal Launchpad starting at 7:00 on July 1 and ending at 7:00 on July 14 (UTC).

The adoption of new technologies is promoting the crypto trade

Globalization has led to an unprecedented connection between the parties. Boundaries are left behind when it comes to trading, doing business and selling between peers. With growing relationships between individuals, an explosion of markets emerges hand in hand with block chains. A cascade of innovation and development that offers progress and synergies never experienced before.
The era of Big Data and e-commerce has led to the need for digital currencies and tokens that facilitate a vibrant and fast-growing ecosystem to be part of the platform we have described today.
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