Investors and banks increasingly confident in Ripple

During the month of May, the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) has seen a real acceleration that has allowed it to increase its 30% value around See the Ripple listing in real time. During the euro session, Ripple, which looks like the third cryptocurrency by capitalization, has decisively reached a position above the 0,4 dollars, scoring thus a further rise in the 6%. 

According to the current technical approach of the market and is connected to positive news for its partnerships, adoption and even it XRP token development, suggests that this criptovaluta presents a growing margin of growth. 

Technical analysis of the last Ripple sessions 

In the last sessions the crypto-currency Ripple he exchanged his currency for a support above the 0,378 dollars, and now he is preparing to attack even the new resistance fixed at 0,416 dollars. A closure above this level would allow it to attract new purchases and at the same time update its annual maximums. At the moment, until the 0,475 dollars, the market does not seem to detect significant resistance. Unless do not attend in the coming days the closures will be lower than the 0,35 dollars, the picture at the moment remains very favorable to investors who choose this cryptocurrency. 

Partnerships that improve Ripple's performance 

Ripple currently boasts about two hundred i partnersn all over the world. In fact, according to many industry experts, Ripple could soon become an ideal solution for making international payments in the coming years. So much so that there are more and more credit institutions that have chosen to implement and adopt XRP.

For example among these we find the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Recently also one of the largest banks in Thailand namely the Siam Commercial Bank, confirmed that will employ this technology of blockchain to conduct its future operations.