The NFT had another important week, here's what happened

The NFTs had another big week, here's what happened - NFT The Topps Company 1024x694The past week has been more challenging than usual for the NFT ecosystem. Rap stars Jeezy and Riff Raff have entered the realm of NFTs, Hoard unveiled his loan platform for NFT-backed crypto loans, The Topps Company is releasing its Series 1 baseball collectibles, super quarterback Tom Brady is launching its NFT initiative, Terra Virtua is releasing a Godzilla vs Kong NFT line, and even Annoying Orange is an NFTing where invest.

NFT-Collateralized Crypto Loans Arrive

Hoard, an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, launches a new lending platform called the Pawn Shop, where you can use your NFTs as collateral to get crypto loans. The platform will support users as they trade, buy, sell, lend and rent NFTs such as in-game items, domain names, digital art, and more.

If you have extra stablecoins and are looking for a way to generate profit, Hoard's platform offers you high profits. The platform plans to gradually transition to a DAO with its own governance token, the HRD coin.

The first NFT collection of MLB baseball cards is unveiled

In partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc., Topps Digital has announced the launch of its 1 Topps Series 2021 baseball NFT collectibles on WAX, becoming the first major brand to debut its popular annual baseball card collection as the NFT .

Leading a new revolution in baseball collectibles, The Topps Company aims to engage and delight fans around the world by releasing its flagship annual card collection as NFT. 

Tom Brady approaches NFTs

In addition to the celebrity celebrations of the non-fungible token market, seven-time Superbowl champion quarterback Tom Brady will launch an NFT platform titled Autograph this spring.

Autograph will focus on bringing together artists and icons from the worlds of sports, entertainment, fashion and pop culture to create unique digital collectibles for the platform. Brady will also be featured in a series of NFTs that will be aimed at sports fans and collectors.

Godzilla vs. Kong NFT launched on Terra Virtua

To celebrate the international launch of Godzilla vs. Kong, Legendary Entertainment has partnered with Terra Virtua and artist Bosslogic to release an exclusive NFT line of digital collectibles “Godzilla vs. Kong, ”which hit the market in time with the film's March 31st release.

Another “Dank Meme” enters the NFT market

Annoying Orange, a Youtube animated character, is the latest old meme to enter the NFT market. The animation team behind this YouTube personality recently tweeted that they will remaster the original 2009 video, which has been viewed 228 million times, in 4K resolution and re-release it as an NFT.

The sale, scheduled for April 15, has drawn much criticism and backlash from the online community. However, it is unclear whether the backlash will affect the sale of the product.