Goldman Sachs works in cryptocurrency trading

Goldman Sachs works in cryptocurrency trading. New opening of the big American towards digital assets.

Goldman Sachs works in cryptocurrency trading - goldman crypto

Goldman Sachs is working on proposing cryptocurrency trading services. Sure, it's too early to talk about this operator's entry into the world of digital currencies in a big way, but something seems to finally move even in the American giant.

The bank, supports the stars and stripes printing, is in fact preparing to open a new desk criptovaluta a Wall Street, providing - at least for a first phase - to start offering a limited number of derivatives to a narrow target of counterparties. Goldman Sachs should therefore trade futures on Bitcoin becoming market maker and also creating forward products without delivery.

Recall that other Wall Street companies have also started offering futures to customers within the Cboe Global Markets and the CME Group starting last December. However, this proposition seems to be rather "timid", with operators evidently concerned about facilitating transactions on the one hand, and understanding how to protect digital assets on the other.

Going back to Goldman Sachs, the investment bank has already hired Justin Schmidt as head of the digital asset markets to help clients get the desired exposure to cryptocurrencies. The New York Times then specified that the business will begin in the coming weeks: a not insignificant detail, seen and considered that would mean that Goldman's project is already on track ... Goldman Sachs works on cryptocurrency trading