Goldman Sachs denies cryptocurrency desk opening

Goldman Sachs denies cryptocurrency desk opening. The company does not confirm the rumors that emerged through the press.

Goldman Sachs denies opening cryptographic counter - goldman crypto

Goldman Sachs, one of the largest banks in the United States, does not seem to be particularly inclined to open up to the cryptocurrency world, despite some conflicting statements over the past few months, and after some rumors suggesting that the business stars and stripes was preparing a personal desk to facilitate digital currency trading.

Well, some statements by company officials now seem to deny any opening. In particular, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, stated that the company had never intended to open a cryptocurrency desk, stating that the Bloomberg article from which this indiscretion was taken was not correct.

However, Solomon added that "like others, we are working to try to interpret the cryptocurrency market while it is being developed. We have some customers who have specific needs, with whom we have engaged in the clearing of physically regulated futures, but apart from that, we never intended to open a cryptocurrency desk ”.

We recall how the Bloomberg article was originally published in December 2017, stating that people close to the top management could confirm that Goldman Sachs would launch the trading desk in the summer of last year. Something that, in good evidence, has never materialized due to internal delays and contrasts.

However, the closure of the cryptocurrencies by the Goldman Sachs CEO is not absolute, given that the top manager added that in the near future the company could actually consider opening a desk, but only when some issues, such as the regulatory ones, will be resolved.