Grin completes his first hard fork

Grin completes its first hard fork - blockchain china companies 300x188Grin announced that it has completed the first hard fork on its main network. The fork occurred at block 262.080 on July 17th and, according to an official announcement by core dev Quentin Le Sceller, the latest hard fork was designed to discourage mining of Grin through specific integrated circuits for dedicated applications (ASIC).

As John Tromp, helmsman of the initiative, recalled in this regard, there are still no signs of users using ASIC to extract Grin; however, the new efforts appear to be designed to prevent such a scenario. "In the 133 days of Grin extraction so far, there is no trace of any ASIC extraction. We are aware of several ASIC products that should be released in the summer " - said Tromp.

As is known, Grin scheduled its first hard fork at this chain height on June 5, announcing that it will continue to work hard on its main network, generating new forks at regular intervals (about six months, when 262.080 new blocks are reached. ).

Given that these are real hard forks, previous transactions on the blockchain will no longer be recognized every time a new version of the main network is launched.