Hollywood is filming a cryptocurrency movie

Hollywood is filming a cryptocurrency movie. Will it be a masterpiece or will it be - as it seems from the first critical analyzes - an announced flop?

Hollywood is filming a cryptocurrency movie - HOLLYWOOD

Also Hollywood it seems to give in to the charm of cryptocurrencies, and is trying to capitalize on the collective interest in digital currencies ... preparing a film.

The film project, called crypto, focuses on the role of a federal agent (played by Beau Knapp) who returns to his hometown in New York to investigate a case of corruption and fraud.

Once on the scene, the agent finds himself "entangled in a dangerous underground world populated by a mysterious art dealer, a cryptocurrency enthusiast transformed into a cyber investigator, and a corrupt accountant" - says The Hollywood Reporter. The producers of the project compared the film to some other films such as The Firm, but - at least judging by the plot - it doesn't seem to be particularly captivating.

Anyway, Cryptocurrency it may be Hollywood's largest project in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, although certainly not the first. The film debut in this sector was in fact the thriller Bitcoin Heist, a Vietnamese production with a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In short, if that for the moment is the level of comparison, perhaps the chances that Crypto can do better are all there ...