Do Bitcoin Traders Have Psychopathic Traits? So says a study, but beware

Do Bitcoin Traders Have Psychopathic Traits? So says a study, but beware - traderThe researchers investigated whether people interested in bitcoin (quotation BTC), or other cryptocurrencies, have psychopathic, Machiavellian, narcissistic and sadistic personality traits. The result was that most of the 566 online respondents who showed interest in this type of investment (90%) show these characteristics, which has generated controversy in the ecosystem. 

What is the dark tetrad

Marketing specialists Di Wang, Brett Martin and Jun Yao, in charge of the study, pointed out that not all those interested in cryptocurrencies have a psychopathic, Machiavellian, narcissistic and sadistic attitude. But they noted that measuring them through the psychological lens of these mental disorders gives an idea of ​​why they want to buy these goods.  

This decision seems somewhat partial and careless in analyzing the behavior of people who do not have a mental disorder. The truth is, however, that those with these traits don't necessarily have mental problems.

Minna Lyons, a researcher at the University of Liverpool School of Psychology, explained that these traits, known as the "dark tetrad," are part of normal everyday human behavior. She even claims that in certain circumstances they can be useful. They are only problematic if they interfere with self-control and cause harm to others and to themselves, she said.

Bitcoin traders are not mentally ill, but they do have traits of gloom. 

With Lyons' clarification in mind, bitcoin and other cryptocurrency traders can have psychopathic, Machiavellian, narcissistic or sadistic traits because these are normal human personality traits. Of course, provided they don't affect your life or that of others. It is therefore crucial not to confuse this with health problems. 

In fact, Andres Urquiola, the CEO of the Val-U company, commented that you have to be "half psychopathic" to trade bitcoin. The reason he said this is because it is necessary to control emotions in order to trade this asset, which is high risk due to its price fluctuations. A trait that is seen as a strength, not a negative one in this case, and it doesn't mean you have a disorder. 

The psychopathic traits of BTC traders

It is worth remembering that the cryptocurrency world is not an isolated case of people with dark tetrad traits. You can find such people in different fields. Indeed, psychiatrist Lola Morón estimates that this can be seen in executives, politicians and people in positions of high responsibility. 

This was also validated by Professor Robert Hare, a psychopathy expert at the University of British Columbia. This is because they have the ability to endure pressing environments without being driven by emotion, as well as an interest in power, prestige and money. Something that also identifies traders in traditional investments, such as the stock market, according to Carnegie Mellon University.  

However, classifying someone as having "psychopathic traits" because they are encouraged to make risky investments, or know how to manage their emotions in stressful situations, can be quite inappropriate and even offensive. Furthermore, it could lead to confusion and misinterpretation, creating a matrix of opinion that affects an entire community and even demonizes cryptocurrency owners. 

Bitcoin analyst Will Clemente has publicly said that connecting the dark tetrad character to cryptocurrency traders appears to be FUD, which means discrediting the industry by instilling fear, uncertainty and doubt. Therefore, it is wise to be wary of using mental disorder terms to describe characteristics of people, even if they are similar in some respects.