IEO w12: collapse of the project

Exactly yesterday the IEO project for w12 ended, an ICO that has made a lot of talk about itself both thanks to the youtubers in the sector who have given themselves a lot to advertise, to marketing, and to the countless remarketing advertising banners that have followed us so far .

IEO on 4 Exchange

It was a 4 exchange game, with:

  • different dates
  • several sessions
  • different volumes for each exchange 

This 4-way system is much discussed, and also the choice of exchanges, some with very few volumes, it is obvious that investors would have wanted the best, like Binance, but choices have been made by the owners and in any case they must be respected.

The Exchange was:

In the first 3 everything went well, in the last one, which immediately went into lisiting, instead ...

IEO w12: collapse of the project - 70%

As you can see from the image above, we had an exaggerated Dump, let alone the goodness of the project, which in some respects is innovative, a useful platform for the ico and for investors.

We had a dramatic, dramatic collapse, some people invested in Silver or gold accounts, even different Ethereums that today are over the 200 euros.

The reason?

1) Usually the problem of such large dumps is the tokens given away, the extra ones that are given for the purchase of different packages, this, from the psychological point of view, triggers in the mind of the users the desire to put on sale all the tokens given away, precisely because they are obtained free, it is thought that they are more and therefore all that is earned is fine.

2) It is clear that some have lost faith in the project and have preferred to take something.

Where to buy w12

Currently the only platform that can sell them is Coinbene

IEO w12: collapse of the project - buy w12