Football is increasingly open to cryptocurrencies

Football is increasingly open to cryptocurrencies - Manchester City

For the world football system, it is increasingly necessary to be able to find new sources of financing that can help to cover increasingly precarious budgets. Precisely for this reason, many major clubs have recently opened their doors to agreements with companies operating in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology sector. The last case involves one of the most rampant sodality ever, or the Manchester City, which has decided to take advantage of this path to expand its turnover.

Citizens and Superbloke, an ambitious pair

Just i Citizens, the second team of Manchester that for years has been installed in the group of the great of the Premier League, the most important and profitable soccer tournament in the world, have decided to accept the proposal delivered by superblock, a South Korean company dedicated to the development of video games on football. The partnership undertaken allows Superbloke to become an official partner of Manchester City in South Korea, Japan and all South East Asia. The blockchain-related startup, in particular, will dedicate itself to organizing events in collaboration with the British team aimed at involving fans thanks to innovative experiences on digital platforms.

What is FC Superstars

In practice, Superbloke's intention is to "tokenise" Manchester City players in order to make them become an integral part of their football game, FC Superstars, whose first beta version was launched in the recent month of April.
FC Superstars is one DApp, Or a decentralized application where users can build their own dream team and do all the operations that are usually the prerogative of the team manager, for example deciding how to train the athletes and make their own decisions by accessing all the statistics of the real matches.
The same company, through its chief strategy officer, Nak-Hyoung Kim then stated its intention to set up collaborations with other football clubs, probably the most important tournaments in the world, such as the League, Serie A or the Bundesliga.

The precedent of Benfica

However, Manchester City is not the first top football club to establish profitable relationships with digital assets. In fact, opening the way in this direction was the Benfica, which has signed an agreement with UTRUST payment platform, thanks to which the famous Lusitanian club will be able to accept the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum in ticketing and online store transactions.
If the provision of services is naturally the mail of this kind of agreement, it should also be remembered that the usefulness of involving Blockchain technology in the management of the ticket offices of football clubs has been reported. Thanks to it, in fact, it would be possible to ensure the privacy of those who intend to attend the events that characterize the competitive season, but having the possibility of combating the now endemic violence that characterizes the phenomenon of football ultras. A possibility that seems to advise the entry of digital assets in transactions involving the entrances, precisely because of the opportunities to control them which they would guarantee.