Ripple's CEO sends a letter to US regulators ahead of the regulatory debate

Ripple's CEO sends a letter to US regulators ahead of the regulatory debate - ripple

The blockchain e cryptocurrency Ripple see listing, is sending a letter to US regulators ahead of meetings that will take place later this week to be able to discuss the cryptocurrency sector. 

The CEO of RippleBrad Garlinghouse appealed to the US government to ask lawmakers to take a new, more forgiving approach. In fact, according to the CEO in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry there are many responsible parties, who have long respected the international and US regulations.

Garlinghouse wrote in his letter a praise to the various central banks and also to the monetary policies that have been adopted at government level and explained how trust is essential to be able to guarantee on a large scale the spread of cryptocurrencies. 

The CEO of Ripple wants to underline that we must not take for granted the central role that the various banks have in the field of the introduction of cryptocurrencies in monetary policies and their distribution. On this issue there is a complex balance as are the global economic dynamics. 

Towards the conclusion of his letter the Garlinghouse he said that the global spotlight is currently on the US and the decision of the congress can influence the choices of different countries. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to support regulations that however cannot be an obstacle to US companies who use these technologies to innovate responsibly. Not only that, it would be necessary to classify cryptocurrencies in such a way as to be able to distinguish the fundamental differences without having to make all the grass a bundle. 

During this week it will be held at US Senate Banking Commission a debate to be able to discuss the regulations of the cryptocurrency sector, precisely the meeting, which is called Examining Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Currencies and Blockchain, will be held on July 30th.