The popular Bitcoin slang "HODL" lands on Fortnite

Popular Bitcoin Slang "HODL" Comes to Fortnite - Buy HODL and Win 1024x576As it turns out, Bitcoin isn't just being hailed as an asset. Bitcoin jargons and memes are also being adopted by leading companies like Fortnite developer, Epic Games, which is currently ranked as one of the most popular games in the world. Fortnite recently adopted the Bitcoin jargon "HODL", adding it to its new skin, which said "Buy, HODL and Win".

It is not the first time that BTC has made a foray into the world of video games

This is the second most notable case for the video game community that is somehow intertwined with that of Bitcoin. Just recently, Microsoft's Xbox asked users whether make subscription payments with Bitcoin was a noteworthy option. Suggesting that the adoption of Bitcoin as the dominant payment network in the future may be possible.

“HODLING” became popular jargon in the Bitcoin community 7 years ago. HODL, one of the most used terms by traders, investors and the entire cryptocurrency community as a whole, joined Crypto-Lingo in 2013. It all started when a user on the BitcoinTalk forum named "Kyuubi" published a post titled “I AM HODLING”, followed by a post in which he begins recognizing him.

Showing himself as a busy Bitcoin Hodler, he began by explaining in the post that he is well aware of the mistakes made in the title (being drunk). “I typed that title twice because I knew it was wrong the first time. And I was wrong again ”.

He went on to talk about how, unlike others, he was a bad trader who refused to sell despite the collapse of assets.

“WHY DO I KEEP KEEPING COINS? I SAY YOU WHY. It's because I'm a bad trader and I KNOW I AM. Yes, you are the best trader and know how to spot the ups and downs, pat piffy wing wong wang just like that and make a million dollars for sure, no problem brother ".

And so the movement began

Shortly after the post was published, the comments session was flooded with other Bitcoiners quoting “HODL”. “Ok I'm hodling too, waiting for cash on gox to buy more,” wrote one user. Another quoted the word saying: “LOOOOL !! I swear you just started a movement! (the hodlers are here!) HODLIN !!! " and indeed a movement had begun. Coming to 2021, Holding has since been replaced with “HODLing”.

HODLING as one of the most trusted investment strategies in the Bitcoin market has been preached separately.

Among the whales, HODLing is a key trading strategy. HODLing Bitcoin without trading saves the trader from the stress of predicting the next move the asset will make. HODLing is also an insider tradition for some, as it is their way of expressing commitment to Bitcoin. In terms of value creation, HODLers who left their coins intact from their first purchase would easily have achieved the highest ROI.