The Telegram GRAM token will be available in two months

Telegram's GRAM token will be available in two months - telegram

Telegram at work on his cryptocurrency seems to be having a better fate than that of Libra of Facebook, which in recent times continues to clash with US and international regulators. In fact, according to what the platform has declared to its investors the Gram cryptocurrency of Telegram will arrive in the next two months, after which it will be possible to trade also with other cryptocurrencies thanks to the use of the Wallet Button. 

Telegram is planning to make available to all of his 300 million users in the world your own wallet. According to reports from the New York Times, those who reported this information on the next Telegram movements in the world of cryptocurrencies, they don't want to reveal their identity as they are bound by a non-disclosure agreement, so they couldn't release such information to the newspaper. 

After a collection of 1,7 billion dollars from the investors, among which there are also very established Silicon Valley companies, the ambitions of the platform are indeed many as well as high. As stated by the co-founder and CEO of Button Wallet, Alex Safonov, the obstacle largest in the cryptocurrency sector it's the adoption of the mass, but what we have created will allow people to feel comfortable doing trading, without using traditional coins. 

During the day yesterday, various surveys have been carried out including the possibility of a free test taking place inside of the Telegram network and will also be given away to customers of GRAM platform to encourage them to use them. Anyone who will activate the Telegram Open Network Wallet should receive about 6,6 GRAM within their test account, in addition the Button Wallet will support different cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH); Bitcoin (BTC); Litecoin (LTC) and consequently also the other cryptocurrencies. 

Telegram unlike Facebook and Libra, has not published all the information in advance, as did Libra's Facebook, long before this token was ready. Telegram indeed worked in the shade of all without attracting attention in any way. This will certainly have a big impact when the platform makes GRAM public he will have to face government authorities anyway, as Libra is doing right now.