Automated trading dominates in the financial markets

Automated trading dominates in the financial markets - automated trading opinionsToday, automated trading dominates the financial markets. People use software, robots and bots to streamline the trading process and maximize profits. The cryptocurrency market has not been neglected: here too all possible techniques are used.

According to statistics, about 70% of transactions on the stock market are carried out with the help of various bots. 

Why do traders entrust this business to machines? 

There are several reasons for doing this:

  1. Software or robots do not have the "human factor". A trader could make a mistake when filling out an order, forgetting to close it or something else. The software or robot operates only according to the fixed settings, so there is no possibility of error or inaccuracy.
  2. Speed ​​of the process. Traders cannot analyze multiple trading pairs or markets at the same time. Also, you have to open a lot of offers. Robots do all of these things at the same time.
  3. Versatility and scalability. By purchasing a software or a robot, you can customize it according to your preferences. If a trader decides to switch markets, the software can be easily reconfigured.
  4. Trading will take place at any time of the day. Trading bots don't need time to sleep, so they can trade around the clock.

If we talk about automatic trading, then they come to mind: algorithmic trading and high frequency trading.

Both types of trading have been around for some time and market participants are willing to use both. However, there is a drawback; to afford good software, you need to shell out a significant amount of money. Also, in addition to buying the software it is necessary to configure it correctly, and if the trader does not know it, you will have to pay for it too.

If you have knowledge of the markets, but do not have the means to afford expensive software for algorithmic and high frequency trading, use the services of Bitcoin Revolution.

It is a trading bot that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, for free. It has been on the market for several years and since its inception, the service has thoroughly elaborated the services offered.

The advantages

  1. The variety in the bot settings, which allows you to implement a variety of trading strategies.
  2. The service does not charge any fees for creating a trading bot. The commission begins to be charged only from the moment the bot receives a profit. 
  3. The bot connects to the best brokers, who provide the fastest possible quote update.
  4. The service has a marketplace where you can buy a ready-made bot setup, sell a profitable one, and make additional earnings, as well as purchase a mentoring service from an experienced user.
  5. A referral program that allows customers of the service to make money without even starting trading.
  6. The knowledge base and operational support solve any customer queries.